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Hammer Redemption Pearl Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

East Length with Strong Backend Motion


2.498 (15lb.)

.053 (15lbs.)

.015 (15lbs.)



Aggression NE Pearl

500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



High Performance

Hammer Redemption Pearl Bowling Ball

(7 customer reviews)


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Hammer Redemption Pearl Bowling Ball Features:

The Redemption Pearl goes long and finishes strong! The Aggression NE Pearl cover makes its way through the heads easily and has a sharp breakpoint. Hammerheads will love the Redemption Pearl when the Redemption Solid has burned up the lane and you need a high-end ball to get down there and deliver big backend motion and devastating hitting power.

7 reviews for Hammer Redemption Pearl Bowling Ball

  1. Matthew Staninger

    The Redemption Pearl is a ball I will be carrying everywhere. I think it is somewhat comparable to the Black Widow Pink, but with a stronger response motion at the end of the pattern. This is a great ball that has already given me high scores!

  2. Jessica

    Obviously a great one/two punch to work in conjunction with my Redemption Solid. I find that when my solid is starting to burn up and getting a little flat, I can take this out of my bag for some more back end motion. Another great addition from Hammer and a great asymmetrical pearl to have in your arsenal.

  3. Bernard Warren

    Redemption Pearl

    This pearl is perfectly aggressive! I tend to have a hit or miss with pearl surfaces out of box. This ball I had no problem with the box finish. Drilled this with putting the pin in the ring finger with a pin distance from pap about 3.25. This layout gives me a great skid flip motion that I havent seen in awhile with using this layout which shows me the pearl shell is aggressive. Ball allows you to play many different angles . If playing straighter near the track the ball still gives the cleaness through the front and explodes down lane through the pins. BUT once the lanes open up….GET LEFT AND GET AT IT! Ball will not burn up and quit after getting down lane. The Pearl AND Solid are an awsome 1 to 2 punch that you can build an arsenal around.

  4. Tiffany Bell

    I only had a few times to throw this ball before everything shutdown, but it was a treat. Clean through the fronts with continuous motion through the mids and ALL of the energy was still in the backend of the lane. The ball never quit! Quite versatile to say the least. I was able to play multiple parts of the lanes on a “typical” house shot pattern. I cant wait to get back on the lanes to throw this one

  5. David

    I didn’t get to throw this ball as much as I normally would like before a review but I think I threw it enough to confirm it’s a ball that just don’t stop. The pearl cover and compound finish lets it get through the front part of the lane with ease but when it makes the turn you see the strong roll it was designed to have. I haven’t had to worry about deflection or leaving an 8 pin with this piece because it’s generally finishing there!

  6. Larry Fricker Jr

    I was really surprised with the reaction of this ball,for a pearl it really digs in nice mid-lane but still saves so much energy on the back end. I can easily see this being my benchmark ball.

  7. Mike Redus

    If you want the Redemption Solid shape but it’s just too strong, and the Redemption Hybrid isn’t quite giving you enough angle, then this piece will give you exactly what you need. Clean through the front, strong in the mid-lane, continuous through the backend. Perfect for hooking the lane on high friction surfaces.

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