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Hammer Scorpion Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane & Backend Motion


2.520 (15lb)

.043 (15lb)


LED 2.0

Semtex Hybrid

500, 1000, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

Hammer Scorpion Bowling Ball

(7 customer reviews)


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Hammer Scorpion Bowling Ball Features:

Insects that kill also tend to strike; at least they do if they’re a Hammer ball. The Scorpion is the next must-have for Hammerheads. Hammer started with the LED core that has made the urethane Hammers so successful and added an outer core, providing a medium RG and a high Differential. The Scorpion uses Symtex Hybrid to create a strong mid-lane and backend on medium conditions. Strong, predictable, deadly.


7 reviews for Hammer Scorpion Bowling Ball

  1. TheHopeDiamond22

    The Scorpion is an absolute monster. 4×40. Tested on a fresh and torched house shot. The ball hooks a ton and doesn’t quit. This one strikes a lot. Heavy rolling, strong in mids and strong in the back. Predictable motion not uncontrollable. A great benchmark/ strong Symmetrical piece for the bag. Cover is very versatile with adjustment to slow down or speed up transitions you want. Don’t wait. Add it to the cart.

  2. David Varner

    Led core and Semtex cover? It’s like taking a purple hammer and wrapping it with a black widow dark legend! The scorpion is a smooth continuous ball that came in as more ball for the buck than expected. This ball has quickly become the first ball out of my bag and at the factory finish the Semtex hybrid cover gives excellent control and it continues through the pins very well. It’s also worth mentioning the shelf appeal, the gold in this ball really shines with the pearl additive.

  3. Jim

    The Scorpion is much more ball than I expected. I put my favorite symmetrical layout on it and it picks up earlier than I expected but doesn’t quit down lane as I would expect from balls that are that early. It will be the first ball out of my bag when I’m on heavier volumes or longer sport patterns. It also gives me the control I like to see out of a stronger, heavy oil ball.

  4. Mark French

    Hammer definitely got it right with the Scorpion. I often find myself stuck between solids and pearls on league nights, and this ball absolutely fills that gap…with authority!

    I opted for a layout 5” pin to PAP, pin down. After throwing a few shots and realizing how strong it was from start to finish, I opted for a LIGHT coat of polish on the FF. This allowed me a little more length up front and offered a little more angle at the break point. Even with a light polish, this ball appears to handle oil like a champ…without creating a nasty over/under reaction.

    I wouldn’t consider the Scorpion to be at the top end of my symmetrical hybrid/pearls, but it’s close. A Brunswick Stellar with the same layout has been a great ball down for medium house patterns. When encountering medium-heavy volumes, I would look more towards a Hammer Web Pearl or Web Tour Hybrid.

    I’d give this ball a 10-star rating if I could!


    Average 227
    Style: 2handed Righty
    This ball is great. For a tighter line and down and in players this ball would be great for you! The scorpion rolls thru the oil and read the end of the pattern as a ball should. With the smooth arc created by the scorpion it bound to get you those strokes you are looking for! This ball will go longer than most hybrids I know but still give a great arc down lane for consistency to the 1-3 pocket! I can play up the back of the ball and get around if I want to open the lanes up even more! Great for being the first ball out of your bag

  6. Michael Romero

    The Hammer Scorpion review is going to be short and sweet! GO GET THE BALL NOW!!!! Hammer got it PERFECT with this ball and for the price point, you’ll get more than what you are expecting! I drilled mine 55 x 4.5 x 30 and it’s been the best at all events (league and tournaments). For a dull surface, this ball is clean through the front part of the lane but packs a punch with a strong but controllable backend.

  7. Petro

    The Scorpion is the next must-have for Hammerheads. The Scorpion uses Symtex Hybrid to create a strong mid-lane and backend on medium conditions. Strong, predictable, and deadly. Qualifies in the WOW factor. This is a great symmetrical ball that picks up the lane with an extremely strong backend reaction. A benchmark ball for all tournaments.

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