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Hammer Scorpion Sting Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil

Strong Midlane & Backend Motion


2.485 (15lb)

.045 (15lb)


LED 3.0

Semtex Pearl

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound

Teal / Silver / Purple


Mid Performance

Hammer Scorpion Sting Bowling Ball

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Hammer Scorpion Sting Bowling Ball Features:

The Scorpion has been an excellent release for Hammer and continues to do well in the market; bowlers love the amount of hook they get from a mid-performance ball. The new Scorpion Sting complements the original Scorpion, giving bowlers a shiny mid-performance ball to go to when the oil starts to go away, and stronger balls are too much. Hammer didn’t go the traditional route and only update the cover to extend the series; they also modified the core to increase the RG and differential to ensure the Scorpion Sting has a more continuous backend. The Symtex Pearl cover with high gloss provides great length and a strong change of direction; the core and cover combination makes this ball excellent on medium conditions. Just like the original, the Scorpion Sting offers a lot of performance for the money, and let’s not forget that looks matter, and this one looks fantastic too!


4 reviews for Hammer Scorpion Sting Bowling Ball

  1. David Varner

    I threw the Hammer Scorpion Sting today on a fresh house shot. I’m extremely surprised and excited about how this ball rolled. It’s very round for a pearl and it reminds me of a black widow ghost type reaction. The Pearl cover helped the ball get through the heads but it picked up in the middle part of the lane more than I expected and continued through the pins. This is a easy transition piece from the ghost before you need the vibe. I look forward to throwing this ball a lot on league this year!

  2. Jim Kliewer

    I just picked up the new Hammer Scorpion Sting today. This is another very responsive and versatile bowling ball. A person could use this as their only ball, and do just fine. It’s most likely application will be after the lanes get beat up/burned up, and your Gem, Proton Physix, Reality, Black Widow, or RST starts rolling too early. The Scorpion Sting responds predictably to changes in hand position, speed, and oil. I was on a fresh TSH and could ride the shim better than anything else I have. It reads pretty early in the mids, and really cranks up at the break point, with excellent continuation. For the late phase of league play, all you have to do is stand left and throw at the 10-pin. This will hit the friction, and go quickly to the pocket. The only pocket misses were my fault, throwing too far right and not catching it, or throwing way too slow, like 13 mph, and crossing the face. I didn’t test it, but I suspect it will do fine on the fresh from straighter, with more speed and less axis rotation, then increase axis/slow down as you move in. And I think it will be good at the ball change, with total hook about equal to my starting solid ball. These will be back-ordered pretty soon. My 1-2 punch for now looks like it will be the Track Stealth, followed by the Hammer Scorpion Sting.

  3. Kevin Nagasawa

    All Of You Hammer Bowling Fans And Scorpion Fans Another Great Bowling Ball Has Come Out From Hammer And Its Becoming One Of My Favorite Bowling Balls Already. This New Mid Performance Bowling And Most Recent Pearlized Cover Stock Makes This Bowling Ball Very Versatile For Any Type Of Bowler. This Ball Likes The Transition And A Little Bit Breakdown And Friction And This Ball Really Reacts Well On The Lane. This Ball Will Definitely Be Great For Medium-Lower Volume Oil Patterns Or Shorter Length Patterns. A Great Ball For Tournaments Or Friction Based House Shots. When Lanes Transition Can Move Left And Play A Tight Inside Line To The Pocket What’s Left Of The Oil In The Middle Part Of The Lane Or Allows You To Stay Further Right When The High Performance Bowling Balls Are Hooking Too Much. This Ball Is Very Versatile And Great For All Types Of Bowlers And Rev Rates. Make Sure To Visit Your Local Pro Shop Today And Create A Sting On The Lanes With The New Scorpion Sting.

  4. TheHopeDiamond22

    Perfect complement to the Scorpion solid. Easy ball down when the solid becomes too much. Great ball up from the Vibe when you need more motion. Good middle of the bag pearl. Easy length with strong backend. Great bang for your buck purchase. Ball motion is very predictable. Has a great shelf appeal. Get yours and go sting your competition.

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