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Hammer Web MB Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil



2.48 (15lb)

.048 (15lb)

.018 (15lb)


Spheroid Asymmetrical

Semtex NE Pearl

500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound

Dark Blue/Purple


Mid Performance

Hammer Web MB Bowling Ball

(17 customer reviews)


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Hammer Web M.B. Bowling Ball Features:

The Hammer Web MB features an elongated version of the Spheroid core from the Web, Web Pearl, and Rhodman Pearl, combined with the brand new Semtex NE Pearl coverstock. The elongation of the core design adds an intermediate differential, making this the first asymmetrical ball under the Web nameplate. The blue/purple with sparkle coverstock comes out of the box finished with 500/1000 SiaAir and Crown Factory Compound, providing increased length compared to the other new release in this line, the Black Widow 2.0. The glossy box finish wastes very little energy getting downlane and easily glides to the breakpoint.

The Web series of balls has quickly become synonymous with performance and has been revered by Hammer fans. The Web and Web Tour offered two distinctly different core numbers, producing versatility, and helps fill out any bowler’s arsenal. The Web M.B. (Mass Bias) incorporates an elongated version of the Spheroid Core shape, creating asymmetry and more ball reaction shapes for the Web and Hammer lovers.

The Web M.B. booms on the backend, its shiny finish and easy length create a perfect match with the Black Widow 2.0. The cover is a familiar and popular Semtex base, found on previous Black Widow balls, and is enhanced with new additives for ideal performance on medium oil.


17 reviews for Hammer Web MB Bowling Ball

  1. David Varner

    Great addition to the hammer line. To me this ball is a blend of the black widows of the past and the web. Elongated spheroid core and Semtex pearl cover stock! The web m.b offers easy length for those struggling to get the ball through the front part of the lane and comes off the spot hard with great continuation. I think this ball will end up being a house shot killer! I forgot to mention the shelf appeal of this ball is on point as well, it’s beautiful!!

  2. Matthew Staninger

    First off, pictures do no justice at how great the Web M.B. looks. This ball might be the cleanest release Hammer had made in years, meaning the ball holds it’s energy for friction really well. I see this being great for a mix of patterns after some transition has happened. This is also an amazing choice for those house shots that let you open the lane up some. I highly recommend this as a ball to go to when the Web Tour Hybrid isn’t storing enough energy.

  3. Josh Solomon

    If you like the WEB series you will love this ball. It is clean through the heads and responds well to friction. It is great for getting left and always makes the corner. This is a must have ball!

  4. Alyssa

    wow oh wow this ball is good. this asymmetrical ball booms on the backend but with its shiny finish and easy length, its very controllable. the web line is one of the best lines out right now!
    this ball STRIKES on just about anything!

  5. AJ

    The Hammer Web M.B. is one of the best performing Web balls that I have thrown, to date. Stretching the core to add a little bit of Asymmetry, really added more bang for your buck to this ball.
    When I roll this ball, I see the normal overall shape that we’ve seen with the Web series. But, there is a difference. This one grabs the end of the pattern better than it’s previous releases. As it should, considering the asymmetry of the core. I find more uses for this one because of its asymmetry. This release allows me to play the fresh with it, up the lane. It also allows me to go to it after my Hammer Black Widow 2.0 has become too early. Playing a deeper line at that point and needing better change of direction down-lane. This Web M.B. is a great selection to add to your bag. Especially if any of the above (reasons it rolls good) apply to you. One more additional thought to add. I didn’t have to hit the surface with an abralon pad. Ball was perfect out of the box.
    Andrew J.
    Bowlersmart Rockford Cherry/South Beloit Manager
    Track Regional Elite/Coolwick Staff

  6. TheHopeDiamond22

    Web MB is a Web Pearl on Steroids!! For me I found the Web M.B to be easy through the fronts and strong angular off the friction. Allows you to play them a bit direct on the fresh and far as they break down. Web M.B Hits like monster. Recover is good with missed shots out which is my tendency. Still has tons of energy to the the corner out. Has very good continuation even from far out. Fits perfectly when the Web tour is burning up. Easy transition ball. Great bang for your buck!!!!

  7. Ian L

    I absolutely love the Web MB. It is a perfect compliment to my Web Tour Hybrid. The MB is very clean through the front part of the lane and has a smooth but continuous motion through the pins. Comparing it to the Web hybrid, it is a good 3 feet longer and 3-4 boards more on the back end. Great ball for those medium length patterns.

  8. Jessica Aiezza

    A match made in heaven to compliment the already successful Web solid. Switch to this asymmetric ball when you need something to get through the heads clean but have some angularity on the back ends and continuity through the pins. Also, don’t be afraid to hit up the cover with a little bit of surface. Another great ball to have in your arsenal.

  9. Christopher Doerr

    50 x 4 x 30 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380. This layout went fairly long for me when I threw the first few shots. I used it when the lanes were breaking down and the ball performed how I would have expected it to roll. Clean, strong and plenty of hitting power left over. When I decide to drill another one, I would go stronger with the layout. I could always adjust the surface to use the ball when the lanes are more fresh.

  10. Joseph Petrovich

    The Web M.B. (Mass Bias) booms on the backend, its shiny finish and easy length create a perfect match with the Black Widow 2.0.

  11. Scott W Crawford

    The Hammer Web M.B. is an excellent benchmark pearl. Mine is drilled 55 x 3.75 x 20 which has pretty good length but still reads the mid-lane some and has good backend reaction and continuation through the pins, but it’s not real flippy. Very controllable and reliable reaction. The hit and carry is big and this will be the first ball out of my bag often on house shots and medium to slightly oily patterns and allows me to play comfortably in the track area and stick with this ball even as I go left a good bit too before going to something more skid / flip. The Web series is great and this is an excellent asymmetric addition.

  12. Dan Schriner

    Hammer Web MB is the latest edition to the Web line. It’s the 1st asymmetrical ball in the web line, it’s very clean through the heads and smooth in the backend. If you need a little more hook down lane you can always adjust the surface. Web line is one of the best and the MB is a great addition, it’s my 1st ball out of my bag.

  13. Bob Newman

    Hammer has taken my favorite core and made a very dynamic reacting bowling ball. It has a true skid/flip reaction with this pearl cover stock. I mean it really dives through the pins when it sees friction. It has an extremely hard hitting shape that gives me some awesome looking strikes. Get it on the right condition and I could see some really big scores with this one.

  14. Ryne Hamblin

    Wow! This one is hard to get out of my hands. I love the motion this ball gives me drilled 50×4.5×30. It has easy length down lane, hard to describe in words what it does for me off the spot, but its not snappy but it comes off the spot hard and has great continuation through the pins. Ive drilled quite a few of these for people with all kinds of styles and rev rates and speed and it has been a big hit for all. This one I never leave home when I go. One of my favorite balls of the last couple years.

  15. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    The Web line has been a proven favorite and the new Web M.B. continues that great performance. I found this gem to be very angular off the friction yet still very controllable. Also, I was impressed how easy it is to keep in front of me while closing the angles down. The Web M.B. goes through the pin deck well, and is perfect when the lanes get a little burnt. So much energy saved up that carves through the pins. A must have for big wheelers and low rev players as well. Something for everyone in this gem. Get yours today!!

  16. Michael Romero

    The Hammer Web MB is a perfect transition ball for when a solid or hybrid is reacting a bit too early. The ball is nice when you need a ball to get through the fronts and midlane and still need a strong backend reaction. I drilled mine 55 x 4 1/2 x 35 and I was able to give myself some versatility with the ball by providing a small hand surface (2000). This is a great tournament ball to have in your bag/arsenal.

  17. C. Miller

    The Web MB is a ball I found that gets down lane cleanly, while storing energy for that strong backend motion, and exceptional hitting power.

    I see this ball in play on the medium length/volume oil patterns. Looks good on you normal house shots, too.

    The MB is a great middle man for the Black Widow 2.0 and the Web Tour Hybrid. Needing to fill a 3 ball tote, this is it!

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