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Hammer Web Pearl Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil



2.481 (15lb)

.048 (15lb)



Aggression Pearl

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / CrownFactoryCompound



Mid Performance

Hammer Web Pearl Bowling Ball

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Hammer Web Pearl Bowling Ball Features:

Hammer Fans love the Web series because you can create an entire arsenal from all the simple yet deadly Spheroid Core adaptations. The new Web Pearl brings back the original core numbers, rounding out the Web line with a third great offering. The new Web Pearl is easy through the front of the lane and has a big sweeping backend with great continuation for improved carry. The Web Pearl is a mix of jade and smoke for an unbelievable-looking strike machine.


10 reviews for Hammer Web Pearl Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Newman

    I was able to throw the new Hammer Web Pearl along side the previous Hammer Web Pearl and if anything, I would say the new one picks up just a bit sooner. The shape the ball creates is the same big smooth swooping motion that you would expect from this big spherical core. I was about 1-2 boards left with my feet with the new version. Can’t wait to get this one into competition. Love the Green and Black color combo.

  2. TheHopeDiamond22

    The new Web Pearl does not disappoint. Very clean though the fronts. Heavy midlane. Fast transition at the breakpoint. Strong sweep motion. At times can get pretty snappy. Moving in into the oil still stays strong. This will be a great middle ball to add to the bag for many conditions. Has great shelf appeal with the smoke and jade.

  3. David Varner

    The web pearl remake is exactly what it should be. Clean through the oil and a predictable change of direction once it finds friction. The original web pearl was a go to for house shots and sport patterns once the lanes broke down and you needed something to get down the lane. I was able to throw this one side by side with the original web pearl and I have this one a little earlier and about 2 boards stronger overall but that could be just a fresh cover versus an older ball.

  4. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    This new piece is even better than the original Web Pearl. The Jade/Smoke colors are definitely an eye catcher. I found the Web Pearl to be very similar, yet better with an earlier response and a bit stronger backend than the original. And it Hits the way a Hammer should!!

  5. Ryan Mitskavich

    Perfect pearl for all types of conditions. Really excited about this piece for fresh house conditions and burnt up flatter conditions. Glides through the fronts with a strong but not too quick motion downlane

  6. Mark French

    The Web Pearl has been a great fit towards the top end of my symmetrical pearls. I opted for a slightly stronger layout (4-1/4” pin to PAP, pin down) in an effort to “smooth out” those over/under medium volume patterns…and it does just that. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is just as effective at providing a cleaner, consistent reaction on fresh conditions when a solid symmetric isn’t quite the right look.

    This Web Pearl has been a nice fit between the Radical Bonus Pearl and Ebonite GB3 Black/Blue. A second Web Pearl may be coming sooner than later to try a more typical layout for me (5-1/4” pin to PAP, pin up or down) to really see what this ball is capable of.

  7. Michael Romero

    The Hammer Web Pearl immediately jumped into my top 5 arsenal and goes with me to every tournament. The versatility this ball brings and allows the bowler to play with your angles in front of you or open your angles when transition starts. This ball never loses energy or continuation thru the pins. This is a great add to the Web line and is slightly strong then the Web MB. I drilled my ball 55 x 4.5 x 30, my favorite layout. 

  8. Gerard Uhrinek

    The Web Pearl is perfect if you’re looking for a ball that’s clean through the fronts but still has enough pop on the backend to kick out those corner pins. Whenever the fronts start to go, this ball will allow you to clear the fronts with ease without opening up your angles to much. I really like the motion I get with this ball. It seems when the lanes start to transition, I’m able to switch to this and stay right where I was at. This was a great add to my arsenal!

  9. Sal B

    This ball will not disappoint. I love the colors. Very clean though the fronts and allows you to get deep and sewing the lane. This ball has great carry. Def a must have in your bag for tournament and league bowlers.

  10. Bob Moran

    This ball has quickly become one of my favorite pearl symmetrical. It gets through the front of the lane effortlessly and has a nice sweeping backend with great continuation through the pins. I find this to be one of the first balls out of my bag on any medium conditions

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