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Haus New Generation Resurfacing System


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Haus New Generation Resurfacing System


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Haus New Generation Resurfacing System Features:

Unit comes with 3 Diamond Cutting Wheels, 3 Daisy Wheels, 3 500 grit Abralon Pads, 3 1000 grit Abralon Pads, 3 2000 grit Abralon Pads, 1 Unitized Stone (for cleaning debris from Diamond Cutting Wheels), Water Pump and all necessary tubing and hoses. It does not include a bucket for clean water supply or a bucket for waste water.

Some may think that synthetic lane beds have caused resurfacing to be less important than it once was but that is not the case. The “chop” presented in the ball’s track by wooden lanes made the need for resurfacing quite obvious. Synthetics, however, do not make cross-checking so visible but regardless of the lane’s surface the need for resurfacing is still very real.

Anytime a ball is hooking it is encountering friction and friction alters the surface of the track area. The need to resurface is not really the question but rather how you choose to do the work: spinner or Haus Machine?

The spinner is a great device and no pro shop can operate without one. However, the spinner cannot work alone and it doesn’t work to its potential with inexperienced hands.

A novice can operate this machine and never leave a flat spot behind. In fact, our Haus Machine has patented features that can actually make a ball rounder than factory specifications.

We feature the Haus Resurfacing System, the finest, most accurate way to return your ball back to its original specifications. After just 30 or 40 games on wood or synthetic lanes, balls lose consistent cover reaction. Regular Resurfacing with the Haus Resurfacing System can:

IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER’S GAMES: Bowling consistency throughout the seasons requires consistent cover reaction. Regular resurfacing with the Haus Resurfacing System can help achieve that crucial consistency.

LENGTHEN YOUR CUSTOMERS’ BALL’S LIVES: By resurfacing balls every 30-40 games with the Haus Resurfacing System, minimal ball surface is removed, avoiding the need to remove deep track and drop areas, and extending the length of time your ball meets USBC Specifications.

ASSURANCE OF RESURFACING CONSISTENCY: The Haus Resurfacing System provides consistent, accurate results – time after time. Unlike manually resurfaced balls, our automated system maintains and returns balls back tooriginal manufacturer’s specifications or better. Operator error is virtually eliminated! The entire ball surface is refinished — not just the drop and track area.

EFFORTLESS OPERATION: Continuous random motion of the ball does the work for you · oscillator on one motor to assure random motion · assures you of a virtually hands-free operation

PRECISION RESULTS: Resurfaced ball will be round to manufacturer’s specs or better · will not “oblong” drilled holes · will smooth router-trimmed plug holes

PRECISION EQUIPMENT: Refinishing achieved with interchangeable grits for the wheels · built to last with superior quality materials and workmanship

EASY CLEANUP: Water pump system wired to timer flushes residue · no cleanup required for the work area and operator

PORTABLE: Works on any table top · fits into a small work area


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