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Kegel Micro Striker Starter Kit


Kegel Micro Striker Starter Kit


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Kegel Micro Striker Starter Kit Features:

Micro Striker comes in a tablet form and mixes up fresh into a powerful cleaning solution. It contains active chlorine which is an approved cleaning agent per CDC guidelines.

The tablets are sold in 50-packs and each tablet can be used to make a 24-ounce bottle. The Starter Kit includes two continuous mist spray bottles for easy application and 50 refill tablets. Micro Striker tablets can also be used in other containers and spraying devices including electrostatic sprayers.

With the growing concern over sanitation due to COVID-19, our team of engineers and chemists have been focused on solutions that may face the bowling industry in coming months. One concern is the use of shared items like rental shoes and bowling balls. To encourage all bowlers to feel safe returning to Bowling Centers, Kegel is working hard to provide options for Bowling Centers and Pro Shops to show that they are taking steps to protect the health and safety of their customers.

  • Starter Kit includes two bottles and 50 refill tablets
  • Advanced House Ball and Multi Purpose Cleaner

  • Contains active chlorine

  • Tablet mixes up fresh

  • Continuous mist spray bottles for easy application

  • Can be used with sprayers, including electrostatic sprayers

  • Refill tablets sold in packages of 50

  • Has surfactants in it to help penetrate lane oil.

  • All products have a shelf life. Mixing your product up fresh ensures that you have the maximum potency needed.

  • Tablets help with proper dosing and ensure you have the right balance of chemicals to get the job done.

  • The residue of Micro Striker is non-toxic with a neutral pH of 6.

  • Other products can rust stainless steel or discolor clothes.


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