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Motiv Blue Tank Bowling Ball


Microcell Polymer


Medium Oil

Smooth Controlled Motion on Drier Lane Conditions


2.59 (15lb)

.023 (15lb)


Halogen™ V2

Frixion™ M3 Microcell Polymer (MCP) Pearl

1000 Grit LSS

Blue Pearl


Mid Performance

Motiv Blue Tank Bowling Ball

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Motiv Blue Tank Bowling Ball Features: 

Microcell Polymer is back by overwhelming demand! MOTIV is featuring this special cover technology along with the Halogen V2 core on the new Blue Tank. This combination creates a ball that offers the most traction through the front of the lane in the history of MCP. The added traction and strength found in the Blue Tank allows for bowlers to benefit from a controlled, urethane-like shape on higher volumes of oil than traditional urethane allows.

MOTIV invested a massive amount of research and development to engineer this new MCP (Microcell Polymer) shell and is excited to introduce Frixion M3 (Mark 3) Pearl. It is designed specifically for use when traditional urethane covers are not quite strong or continuous enough. It provides the Blue Tank with added traction in the front portion of the lane, displaying a more traditional urethane ball motion.

The Halogen V2 core was chosen for the Blue Tank to help provide more traction in the oil than the very low differential cores often used in traditional urethane balls. It has a high RG yet enough differential to produce more flare when strong layouts are used. It can also be drilled with a low flare layout like many traditional urethane balls. This versatility is what makes the Halogen V2 core perfect for the Blue Tank.

3 reviews for Motiv Blue Tank Bowling Ball

  1. Jason Lettau

    I drilled my Blue Tank 40x4x20 and noticed immediately just how smooth it was. The Blue Tank is another great addition to the microcell polymer line of bowling balls. The ball starts up real early and has a very nice continuous shape down lane. I’ve noticed this ball is a bit more early and more shape than the Desert Tank, which is amazing! Also love the color on it. Definitely a must have!!

    Jason L.
    MOTIV Staff

  2. Mark Wilson

    The Blue Tank is the latest ball added to the amazing Tank line from Motiv bowling. This new Blue Tank has the Halogen V2 core wrapped around the Microcell Polymer Frixion M3 Pearl cover. This ball has a Urethane like shape through the fronts and a Resin like down lane motion. This is the perfect ball to get into when you want a smoother ball reaction and the Purple Tank isn’t quite strong enough.

  3. D.J.

    The Blue Tank from Motiv is one of the most exciting pieces we have released. The Halogen core has always been one of my favorites and now having it wrapped in an Microcell polymer cover was music to my ears. The Blue Tank is a great addition to any ones bag as it offers versatility on medium-short patterns. I have been able to use it on a league night and still have it provide the extra downlane motion that is needed to kick the corner pins. If you are looking for a great tournament piece or a ball that is sure to help your game, get yourself a Blue Tank!

    Motiv Staffer- DJ R.

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