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Motiv Covert Tank Bowling Ball


Microcell Polymer


Light to Medium Oil, Short Oil Patterns

Smooth Controlled Motion on Drier Lane Conditions


2.50 (15lb)

.051 (15lb)



Frixion Microcell Polymer

2000 Grit LSS



Mid Performance

Motiv Covert Tank Bowling Ball

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Motiv Covert Tank Bowling Ball Features:

The Motiv Covert Tank brings back an older core shape while also introducing a new coverstock formulation to the market. The Torx weight block is a lower RG and higher differential symmetrical design that offers around five inches of flare potential. This core shape was previously used in the Forza. The coverstock is the most interesting part of this new release. Motiv has created a new cover formulation called Frixion Microcell Polymer that absorbs oil more than urethane, but not as quickly as reactive resin. The motion created by the Covert Tank fills the gap between balls like the previous Tanks and balls like the Freestyle Rush and Thrill.

A great competitive advantage in bowling today is modern urethane. It provides bowlers with control and the ability to play different parts of the lane than reactive resin. However, because urethane also has clear weaknesses, MOTIV set out to create the ultimate cover material that harnesses the strengths of traditional urethane, but offers far more versatility. Introducing the Covert Tank.

The revolutionary Frixion cover material MOTIV developed for the Covert Tank is not urethane nor reactive resin. It is microcell polymer. Traditional urethane is virtually non-absorbing while reactive resin is highly absorbent. Frixion microcell polymer absorbs oil at a fraction of the speed of reactive resin, but is still capable of absorbing oil at a very slow rate. This microscopic difference creates more continuation and better pin carry without sacrificing traction.

While typical urethane balls are primarily used by bowlers with a high rev rate, the Covert Tank is a more versatile piece that will benefit more styles of play because it merges this new microcell polymer cover with a strong Torx weight block. The higher differential produces more track flare, which both improves backend motion and also limits oil redistribution. Traditional urethane balls tend to have lower track flare, struggle with pin carry, and push more oil down lane.

Even the color scheme of the Covert Tank was created with the competitive bowler in mind. The solid black cover with dark gray pearl NeoMark graphics provides a crisp contrast to the lane surface so ball motion is easy to see.



5 reviews for Motiv Covert Tank Bowling Ball

  1. Adam Chase

    It’s hard for me to say that I am impressed with a ball immediately but this new Covert Tank made me say just that! The new Microcell Polymer Coverstock is so unique that it really has a chance to make a big market impact. To me, the Tank has urethane like consistencies in its roll but continues and reads the midlane well like resin. What’s so amazing about it is that it has that urethane predictability but I was never afraid to move left with it and open up the lane. It’s continuation is super strong for me. My first night of league with it, I was able to use it for all 3 games without losing it’s hitting potential while having 3 two-handers on my pair disrupting the oil quite a bit. The Tank just never saw the transition as much as a traditional resin ball would and it allowed me to be in the same zone on the lane for almost the entire night. For anyone who bowls on wet/dry conditions, typical house shots and sport patterns, I believe this is a must have ball. I drilled mine 45 x 5 x 30 which gives me a more angular motion down lane. Those who want it to be smoother can drill it with the pin closer to their axis and to give the ball a more urethane dominant feel to do a 0-2″ pin to PAP.

  2. James Turner

    Rev Rate: 400
    Ball Speed: 19.5
    PAP: 5 1/2 over 7/8 up
    Tilt: 4.3

    Ball Layout: 60×3.25×30

    When I found out about the Covert Tank, I was wanting this ball to work for me more so than any other MOTIV ball within our lineup. I have never matched up well with urethane equipment and with my 19.5mph speed, urethane balls on the right side limit my ability to shape the lane because of carry down issues I get from others using urethane equipment.

    This new cover stock, Micro Cell Polymer, soaks up oil at a fraction of what resin does yet still absorbs more oil than urethane. The Torx weight block allows me to shortened my Pin to Pap on this ball because the higher differential gives me the ability to have more track flare plus I get more back end motion too!! The Covert Tank has the predictability of urethane, reads the mid-lane like a traditional resin ball and gives me much better pin carry than a urethane ball does.

    I highly recommend this ball for the typical house bowler, anyone facing those wet/dry conditions and for those bowing on sport patterns.

    James T.

  3. Mike Magolan

    DESCRIPTION: The Covert Tank is the 5th release in the Tank series. Every Tank has been quite different as far as covers and cores are concerned, this one is no different, especially this one. The Covert Tank holds the Torx core found in the Forza line (Forza, Forza Redline and Forza GT) which has a 2.50 RG and .051 DIFF giving it a stronger benchmark core. Now, the cover is what this release is all about! It is NOT reactive, it is NOT urethane, MOTIV has labeled it Frixion Microcell Polymer. This release requires a little more explanation in the description to educate you on the intent of this piece. The intent is simple, it’s to bridge the gap between reactive and urethane, you could call it a hybrid between the two. It can provide hook potential (layout dependent) like a reactive piece, yet it can provide a very similar shape as urethane (once again layout dependent). The sleek all black and dark logos gives this ball some great shelf too!
    REACTION: I am going to describe the reaction of both Covert Tanks that I initially drilled. The first is a 50X4.5X25, which is close to my favorite layout and one that is used on a lot on my first drills of a new release. This is the stronger of the two layouts and easily flares 4”+. This ball reads the front and middle part of the lane very strong and when it reaches friction it likes to slow down and provide plenty of control. In my initial testing I really liked this one on the fresh house pattern, it allowed me to get in and use both the hold and the friction without sacrificing carry with misses either way. I feel like it’s strong enough that the misses in still allow the ball to continue very well through the pins. On the misses to the outside it never ever bounced too hard off the friction, it really does provide the perfect amount of continuation and control. I am strongly defined as a tweener, but I have never really had success with urethane. This leads me to my second layout, which is a 1” pin from axis, 110X1X25 and flares a couple inches. My goal with this layout is to literally replace urethane all together in my bag. I initially didn’t have high expectations because I’ve done pins from on axis to 2” to PAP before with little success. You really need to check out the video to see how good this ball looks and the difference between urethane for me. This layout isn’t for everyone, but for those who don’t like urethane I think this is an amazing option. The 1” Covert Tank for me starts just as soon as urethane but, continues a little better down lane. I know with urethane the point is for the ball to be super slow and controllable down lane, but for me urethane does that too much. If I wanted something even slower, I could do a pin on axis layout, but so far this layout is exactly what I will be using on very short patterns. Comparing the two Covert Tanks against each other the 4.5” one easily plays 6-7 boards deeper to give you an idea how much of an impact the layout has on this ball.

    COMPARISONS: I compared the 4.5” Covert Tank against a Venom Shock since there are so many people who’ve thrown it. The Venom Shock gets into a roll almost as soon as the Covert Tank, but the Venom Shock out hooks it down lane significantly. I would need to move at least a zone deeper to allow the Venom Shock to find the pocket. The Venom Shock has a smoother to moderate shape down lane compared to the rest of the MOTIV line, so in watching the difference in the Covert Tank you will see how much smoother it is down lane. Next, with the 1” Covert Tank I did two comparisons. First is against the Tank Rampage because the purpose is for me to have a better option than urethane. You’ll notice the Tank Rampage starts up nicely and gets to a similar spot in the mid-lane, but down lane is where the Covert Tank differs and continues where the Tank Rampage just stops or slows down. Now, the Thrill is much weaker overall than the Covert Tank, you’ll see that it has no problem clearing the front part of the lane and then struggles to even get back to the pocket from even the track area on the fresh house pattern.
    SUMMARY: Urethane carries oil down the lane for two reasons. First, because it doesn’t absorb oil, but remember the Covert Tank is NOT urethane (it’s Microcell Polymer) and it does absorb oil (just slower than reactive covers). Second, the Covert Tank does flare even with small pin to PAP layouts, so you won’t carry the oil down lane. The Covert Tank supplies the advantages of modern urethane without the disadvantages!
    Mike M.
    MOTIV | Turbo | Brotherhood Apparel | BowlerX, Staff Member

  4. Ryan W

    For the longest time, reactive resin was only type of cover stock that could be successful in the industry since its inception. The page seems to have turned in recent years oil patterns continue to evolve as do the players within the sport as well and we find ourselves in the reemergence of urethane. We all know the advantages that urethane can offer to the modern game but we also know the disadvantages it offers as well. As the sport continues to evolve around us, it appears all companies have embraced this evolution or should we say devolution. Rather than simply embrace this ‘devolution’’ as the other companies have, MOTIV has decided to set out to not just embrace, but to improve on the concept that urethane offers. The answer is not necessarily found in urethane, but something new..

    What this piece is capable of can be found in its name, the Covert Tank! I wasn’t lying when I said the answer wasn’t in urethane cover stock. The Cover Tank introduces us to a whole new cover stock that gives all the advantages that urethane has to offer, but helps eliminate the weakness. Say hello to the Frixion cover, its not urethane and its not reactive resin. This new cover is a microcell polymer, which provides its user with more continuation and improved pin carry that traditional urethane may not accomplish. This is done through this covers ability to absorb oil unlike traditional urethane but at only a fraction of reactive resin. Now add this cover stock to the Torx weight block. With the Torx as this new cover’s engine, you find strong track flare, which provides more strength to its’ backend motion without overly redistributing the oil.

    Being a lefty that isn’t heavy handed, a urethane piece never really provided a benefit to to my game given the draw backs it had. With urethane, I may find a path to the pocket, but at what cost? With this Covert Tank, I see none of these problems with the Covert Tank! With traditional urethane, creating reliable shape down-lane wasn’t exactly a possibility unless the lanes were very broken down. This is not the case with the Covert Tank. I am simply astonished with this shape I can create both on a fresh house shot, short patterns, even broken down patterns. The Covert Tank filled a hole in my arsenal that I never knew I had. This to me is a specialist piece that can finish the job that a urethane piece can’t.

    Ryan W.
    MOTIV and BowlerX Staff Member

  5. Clinton

    I agree with Ryan W, Motiv Staff. Being a new lefty from right handed, this is the greatest ball I’ve ever thrown as a urethane ball(microcell polymer) the pro shop I deal with downs talks the ball, but for me I just order from Bowler X, THS I have used this all 3 games, I have stayed in the same spot or moved 1 board eyes too. It’s such a reliable ball that I’m ordering another one. 4 1/2 pap went with pin above my left ring finger. I’m a new Motiv Fan, since Brunswick took hammer over I’ve found that Motiv offers me WAY MORE than hammer did. I just received the blitz and have on order the desert microcell polymer ball, I tell everyone that ask Wow great shot or ask about the ball, my flare is a good 4” and has oil on the ball but doesn’t act as a urethane traditional ball, never had the tank rampage but I’m very happy with Motiv products! Now I have 8 Motiv balls and pre ordered the EJT ball, can’t wait. But the Covert Tank is 1 heck of a ball. Get it today. Thanks Motiv

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