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Motiv Forge Fire Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Moderately Angular Backend Motion with Excellent Continuation


2.47 (15lb)

.055 (15lb)



Infusion Hybrid Reactive

4000 Grit LSS

Dark Red Solid/Yellow Pearl


High Performance

Motiv Forge Fire Bowling Ball

(7 customer reviews)


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Motiv Forge Fire Bowling Ball Features:

The Forge Fire is the latest Motiv release to use the symmetrical Detonator core shape. This follow-up to the original Forge also features the Infusion Hybrid Reactive cover, which is very responsive on the back end and gives more total traction than the pearl version used on the Ripcord. This aggressive cover is finished at 4000 grit LSS.

The new Forge Fire brings the heat to the medium-heavy oil Forge line. Featuring the new Infusion Hybrid Reactive coverstock, the Forge Fire has a much faster response to friction than the original Forge. The Forge Fire is a moderate angular ball for medium-heavy oil.  The cover is a hybrid version of the Ripcord shell.

7 reviews for Motiv Forge Fire Bowling Ball

  1. Adam Chase

    The new Forge Fire not only looks like fire but it reacts like fire going down the lane. This ball is not only strong for a symmetrical but it is also pretty angular creating a great ball for many bowlers. Compared to the Forge, the Forge Fire is a little cleaner in the front part of the lane but creates a lot more angular movement in the back part of the lane while still being able to control the midlane well. This ball can be used on a wide ray of oil patterns but is overall a better ball on the heavier oil patterns. As a tournament bowler, the heavy volume patterns call for this type of ball when the lanes start to break down. This ball gives a very similar shape to balls such as the Jackal Ghost and Trident Abyss while the cores symmetry allows it to be more controllable overall. To anyone who loves the Forge, Jackal Ghost or Trident Abyss, this is a must for your bag.

  2. D.J.

    Wow. The Forge Fire surprised me right out of the box. While this ball cosmetically looks incredible and is so cool to watch go down the lane, the performance matches it perfectly. The Detonator core has provided this ball with a lot of power and a lot of pick up in the middle lane for me. The Infusion Hybrid coverstock gives it that pop in the back end. I’ve thrown this ball on a 44ft Sport Shot and and on a 41 foot house pattern. I’ve had a lot of confidence while throwing this because I know when I miss into the oil, it has stored enough power to still carry the 10 pin. When missing out, the ball has responded very strong off the friction and made the recovery. I personally feel like this big revving core with the quick coverstock has given me a lot more miss room than I’ve seen in the past. If you want to set fire and light up your scores, the Forge Fire is for you!

    D.J. R.
    Motiv Staffer

  3. James Turner

    I drilled two Forge Fireballs because I wanted to see the reaction I’d get down lawn with my traditional 60×5.75×30 and to see how a shorter pin to pap would react(drilled 60×3.75×30).

    The Forge Fire is a strong symmetrical piece and with my shorter pin to pap layout it works really well on a fresh house shot. When the heads burn up and the ball sees friction early I can stay in the same zone and use my longer pin to pap layout. I noticed that the short pin to pap layout flared a lot more and would burn its energy really early if I wasn’t playing deep enough in the oil therefore causing some carry/defection concerns. The longer pin to pap layout gave me room to play right longer and I noticed greater continuation and a higher carry percentage when the lanes broke down.

    The Forge Fire is cleaner and a faster response ball compared to the Forge. When the Forge responds too quickly to friction you can move to the Fire and get the down lane reaction and the extra push through the fronts.  I like the angularity and versatility this ball provides and it can be used on a variety of patterns.

    James T.

  4. Alex

    Forge Fire
    I usually match up well with hybrid ball motions. The Forge Fire Was what I expected it to be. The Fire Fits in my line up right between my ghost and golden. when the ghost is to early and smooth and the golden is to long and sharp all I do is pull out the FIRE! First 2 nights out I was able to play where no one else could and score higher. Great Gap filler in any arsenal.

  5. Stephen

    So I received my forge fire a few weeks ago and I’ve got a few thoughts on it.
    First, let me say this a nice compliment to my original red forge. This ball has a hybrid cover and just feels very different than the original forge. I know they have the same guys(same core) but that cover really makes the ball feel very different.
    For me, I drilled both of my forge series balls the same way 60*5*30. The OG forge was very strong but smooth and it didn’t have much down lane change of direction. But was a great compliment to the trident abyss and the jackals.
    What makes the Forge fire seem so different is the shape down the lane for me. You can see this ball slowing down and picking up the mid lane but really wants to change direction with authority. It, not the most angular ball that motiv makes but for a super low RG ball with lots of Diff its a bit different from the norm that you might expect from motiv.

    On a side note, the colors are fantastic in person! Looks amazing going down the lane, looks like a literal fireball

    Specs PAP 4 over 1/2 Up
    Tilt 15degree
    Axis Rotation 60

  6. Jason Lettau

    This ball is FIRE! Wow! When I first drilled and threw this ball I saw a similar shape to that I loved growing up as a kid. This ball gets down the lane and has a nice snap motion to the pocket. I can always play deep inside and swing it out to the friction and know it’ll snap right back into the pocket. This is the first ball out of my bag in league and it just never seizes to amaze me!

    Jason L.
    MOTIV Staff

    I would recommend this to a friend!

  7. Larry D. Clark (verified owner)

    This ball is excellent, I love the front to back reaction, it really picks up off the pattern with great continuation through the pins. I shot a 300 game with it August 12 2021. I Just purchased another one for my tournament arsenal.

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