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Motiv Golden Jackal Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Heavy Oil

Very Strong Backend Motion


2.47 (15lb)

.055 (15lb)

.019 (15lb)


Predator V3

Hexion SE

4000 Grit LSS



High Performance

Motiv Golden Jackal Bowling Ball

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Motiv Golden Jackal Bowling Ball Features:

The new Golden Jackal brings the legend of a pearl Jackal™ to life. Providing more length through the oil, the Golden Jackal displays an impressive backend motion. Never before has there been a Jackal with this kind of agility and speed!

The Golden Jackal features the latest Predator V3 asymmetric weight block to provide massive track flare potential and hooking power. This technology also produces a very low RG so the Golden Jackal is easier to rev, making it more forgiving on heavy oil patterns than higher RG balls that may slip past the proper transition point.

For generating powerful angle in high volume environments, the Hexion SE cover is incredible. This Strength Enhanced version of Hexion technology produces outstanding down lane motion without sacrificing traction in the oil. The factory finish on the Golden Jackal cover stock is 4000 Grit LSS.

1 review for Motiv Golden Jackal Bowling Ball

  1. Ryan

    MOTIV is going to redefine ‘Striking Gold’ with their new piece. The Jackal line has been one of the crown jewels through the years for MOTIV. They put in the time and effort to continue the Jackal’s evolution. The evolution indeed continues with the arrival of the Golden Jackal! Evolution can be found throughout this Jackal, from the newest version of the Predator weight block to a strengthened Hexion cover stock. To make matters even better, we find ourselves looking at a Pearl Jackal!
    It is very difficult to find something NOT to like about the Golden Jackal. With the introduction of the Predator V3 ASYM weight block, those wielding this golden sphere will see incredible hook and flare. There will be no difficulty to get this Jackal to rev up for you on the lanes and you will be surprised the amount of forgiveness this piece will have on the lanes. But wait…. THERE’S MORE! As I mentioned, the Golden Jackal also possesses the well-known Hexion cover stock, but with a twist. The new Hexion SE Pearl cover allows the Golden Jackal to produce powerful down lane reaction and continuation without loss of traction on the lanes.
    Although the Golden Jackal is viewed as a heavy oil piece on MOTIVs Ball Guide, I have seen a lot of versatility to this piece! Pearlized covers have always been a ‘love-hate’ relationship for me due to skid/flip not always lining up with my slightly speed-dominate style. MOTIV however, has always seemed to produce the right kind of cover stock to core combinations that prevent the issues I see with Skid/flip. The Golden Jackal is no different and frankly, sets the bar in my opinion. Although it’s a Pearl, I still see a smoother and much readable ball reaction as it transitions down the lane. This piece has very little limitation as to what it is capable of. I have gone from Up-5 to 20-to-5 on the lanes and all with a PIN UP Jackal. Regardless of how I play the lanes with Golden Jackal, the amount of down-lane motion and continuation I see allows for some of my best pin action. Only 2 weeks ago I competed in a tournament at a bowling center with synthetic fronts and wood back-ends. The Golden Jackal blended both the lane surfaces and pattern so well that I lead after 5 games averaging 255 (there was an 813 in there the first 3 games). This Jackal is truly the Gold Standard for MOTIV!

    Ryan W.
    MOTIV Staff Member

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