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Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Heavy Oil

Clean Downlane with Very Strong Backend Motion


2.47 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)

.015 (15lb)


Predator V2

Infusion HV Pearl Reactive

5000 Grit LSP



High Performance

Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball

(9 customer reviews)


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Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball Features:

The new Jackal Flash is coming Sept. 16th. A new pearl addition to Motiv’s highly successful Jackal line.

The Jackal Flash is Motiv’s newest high performance release. This ball uses the Predator V2 asymmetrical core design that is also used in two other current Motiv balls, the Alpha Jackal and the Jackal Ghost. The Jackal Flash features the all-new Infusion HV Pearl Reactive coverstock that comes out of the box polished to 5000 grit LSP. This combination gave us more total hook than the Ripcord, while still being a ball down from the Alpha Jackal. It was also more angular than both the Forge Fire and the Trident Nemesis.

The Jackal series from MOTIV represents the ultimate level of high performance and the Jackal Flash is an incredible addition. It is the strongest asymmetric pearl that MOTIV has ever developed.  When bowling on higher volumes of oil with a solid asymmetric ball like the Jackal Ghost or the Alpha edition, the ball you transition to should provide similar strength, but be cleaner through the front of the lane with a faster response on the backend. And that is precisely what the Jackal Flash is built for.

The performance technology packed into the 3-color pearl Flash edition is synergistically merged and tuned with a 5000 Grit LSP finish to produce pin-crushing continuation. The asymmetric Predator V2 core has a super low RG and is packed with differential to maximize revs and track flare. This powerful core is encased with the latest Infusion HV Pearl Reactive cover stock from MOTIV to provide the length and powerful angle needed when transitioning on heavy oil patterns.

While designed as an early transition ball for heavy oil, rev dominant bowlers can use the Jackal Flash as the first ball out of their bag. Speed dominant bowlers who cannot usually throw a pearl ball will find it to be very versatile in more moderate conditions.

9 reviews for Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball

  1. Kye Shipley

    I drilled my Jackal Flash 65 x 4 1/2 x 25. I wanted this ball to be my number #1 ball in the bag for most long oil patterns. This ball has the Infusion HV Pearl Reactive coverstock wrapped around the Predator V2 core. This ball is an asymmetric ball with 5000 LSP. As much as I love my Forge Fire and Nemesis, this ball is quickly becoming my go to favorite. First set out of box was a 730 series. The last 2 weeks, I have had 7 games of 278 or better in 4 different bowling centers on 4 different house shots along with the lowest series being 708. This ball gives me so much room for error on house shots. I have thrown this ball to the 1 board and it still comes back to strike. I have pulled this ball inside my mark by 2 boards and usually this turns into a 10 pin or the ball goes through the head pin, but this ball still carries. This ball is so versatile on a lot of oil patterns and gives you the best carry rate I seen. This ball is very receptive on the end of the pattern and goes through the pins with a lot roll which is why the carry rate is so good. This ball should be in the Motiv line-up for a long time.
    Kye S.

  2. Jason Lettau

    I drilled my Jackal Flash like my Supra and Nemesis (65 X 5.25 X 35) and first impressions holy heck this thing hooks a LOT and looks super pretty. Being MOTIV’s first ever Tri-color bowling ball, they knocked it out of the park with the color combo without a doubt! The Predator cores have always been one of my favorite cores! The ball is incredibly clean through the front part of the lane with a TON of motion on the backend! Definitely a ball for you if you need a heavier oil ball with a very quick response to friction. This ball is a SUPRA on STEROIDS! I absolutely recommend this ball to everyone!!
    Jason L.
    MOTIV Staff

  3. Alex

    I have been waiting for a Motiv ball to have this motion on heavier volumes of oil. This ball does not disappoint. Clean through the heads picks up just enough in the mids to not go 60 feet and finishes with a sharp motion to the pocket without going to long. Motiv just keeps improving on the skid flip motion so many league bowlers crave. This release puts Motiv firmly in the upper echelon of angular equipment. The Flash rounds out a pretty diverse arsenal for any bowler. Highly recommend this release for any bowler.

  4. Mark

    Jackal Flash Ball Review

    The new Jackal Flash is the strongest asymmetric pearl that MOTIV has ever made. The Jackal Flash is great when you hit transition and need something cleaner through the front than the Jackal Ghost or Alpha Jackal. The Jackal Flash has similar strength to the two but has a way faster back end response on the backend.

    The Jackal Flash is our first ball with a 3-color cover. The Jackal Flash has our Predator V2 core with a lower RG and has a differential to maximize flare and revs. The cover comes as 5000 grit LSP and is the newest Infusion HV Pearl Reactive. Which is designed to provide length and extreme angle for when transitioning on heavy oil patterns.

    The Jackal Flash is designed as an early transition ball for heavy oil. Rev dominant players can use the Jackal Flash as the first ball out of their bag in the right conditions. Speed dominant players who cannot usually throw a pearl ball will find it to be very versatile in moderate conditions.

  5. Eric George

    I would like to start out by saying, this is the ball I was hoping Motiv was going to make. Utilizing the ever-successful Predator V2 core with their most continuous cover to date. The Jackal Flash is no joke, it is a strong piece of equipment that continues like no other Motiv ball before. This is what I like to see in a strong Asymmetrical Pearl; clean through the heads, starts to read the back half of the mids and continuous when encountering friction. In the past, Motiv big Asym. pearls would stand up and go forward making it hard to get in deep and boom to the right with confidence. Jackal Flash is a huge step in the right direction for Motiv bowling on their skid/flip motion the are seeking.

  6. D.J.

    Flashy and Fantastic

    The brand new Jackal Flash is incredible. The first 3 color ball from Motiv not only provides great shelf appeal but the performance is even better. The Infusion HV Pearl Reactive wrapped around the Predator V2 core is an incredible mix and gives you everything you need. The previously released Alpha Jackal and the brand new Jackal Flash create the perfect two ball combination for heavier and longer patterns. The cover of this ball allows it to be clean through the front part of the lane but with the quick response and strong core, the Jackal Flash allows for optimal performance on a lot of patterns and in heavy oil. If you’re bowling league or tournaments and enjoy seeing your ball hook and destroy the pins, this is the ball for you.

  7. Enrique F. Colina

    Angle and Power!!!I really love how the Jackal Flash stores energy through the front part of the lanes. As I move more and more inside it never loses carry and continues to break hard once it hits the break point! This definitely supersedes the Golden Jackal and is one of a kind!

  8. Drew Crain

    The first tri-colored ball from Motiv!! The layout I used on the Jackal Flash is 70x4x20. This is my typical asym pearl layout. The Jackal Flash has a similar motion to the Trident Nemesis. However, this ball outperforms the Trident Nemesis when there is a heavier concentration of oil on the lane. The Nemesis tended to want to roll forward when it saw oil. That is not the case with the Flash. The Flash will be good for when you need to play with open angles. It is also the perfect ball to transition to once the Alpha Jackal does not want to corner the right way.

    Drew C.
    Motiv Staff

  9. Eric

    The Jackal Flash is the first tri-colored ball from Motiv. It features a version of the new Infusion Pearl Reactive cover that was originally found on the Supra, and then the Trident Nemesis. They took the cleanest, fastest cover ever produced by Motiv and put it around the most proven HP core in the line, the Jackal core, and what they came up with was a total home run. This is the fastest HP ball off the friction that I have ever seen. The most impressive part about this ball is that even if you get it into the volume, it still digs and makes the corner, which is the sign of a really good HP Pearl. You don’t have to worry about throwing it through the break point the further in you chase the volume.

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