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Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball




Light to Medium Oil, Short Oil Patterns

Smooth Controlled Motion on Drier Lane Conditions


2.57 (15lb)

.015 (15lb)



Purple Solid Urethane

1000 Grit LSS



Mid Performance

Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball

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Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball Features:

The development process of this ball has taken years and was a pet project throughout that time.  Now, three and a half years later, Motiv has a urethane that is a game changer, a urethane worth releasing because nobody else has this.

Before you ask, no, this is not Microcell. The MCP technology was a product of the development journey to the Purple Tank, but the finished product is not Microcell.  While the core is the same as the Desert Tank, the Purple is a vastly different ball. The urethane shell makes the Purple earlier, slower, and more forward down lane than it’s gold cousin.

Due to the nature of this incredibly strong urethane shell and the weak Flux core, layout changes result in massive differences in ball motion.  A pin down layout has very little differential and will not flare much.  With this, you’ll see a cleaner, slower, weaker shape that should remind you of “old school urethane.”  A pin up layout, with a higher drilled differential, will be stronger, faster, and more total hook.

The box surface on the Purple Tank is (at the shiniest) comes out of the box at 1000 grit.  The Purple Tank has a great ability to hold the factory surface for long periods of time.  However, a huge benefit of the Purple is that the cover is far more tunable than an ordinary urethane.  Tom Smallwood used a shiny purple later in blocks because his ball hooks so much.  Shinier purples will be an incredible trick for rev dominant bowlers and people bowling on high friction surfaces.

PBA superstar Tom Smallwood recently posted on social media, “MOTIV has the best purple urethane ball!!! Not sorry.” That pretty much sums it up, but let’s break down why there is so much hype over the new Purple Tank.

Urethane cover stocks have become very popular in recent years because they allow you to play a straighter line right on top of the friction created by other balls breaking down the oil pattern. This might not sound exciting to a bowler wanting to see big hook, but from a competitive perspective, it can give you the ability to play a part of the lane no one else is on.

The challenge with all urethane cover stocks is that they do not continue nearly as well as reactive resin balls, which is why reactive resin is most popular. Often, bowlers leave corner pins with typical urethane balls because the cover technology doesn’t create the same drive through the pocket.

And now we are getting to why the new Purple Tank is so special. The continuation it displays is unbelievable for a urethane ball. The MOTIV Purple Urethane borrows some tricks from Microcell Polymer technology to create aggressive traction and impressive control, then backs that up with continuation that clears the pin deck. And that’s the bottom line – strike percentage. Better continuation means fewer corner pins and more strikes.


3 reviews for Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball

  1. Drew Crain

    The BEST PURPLE URETHANE! The layout I used on the Purple Tank is 60x4x20. The Purple Tank is special, because unlike most urethanes, this one can shape the lane. I have had plenty of success with urethane balls over the past few years and have drilled plenty of them. The most common problem with urethane when you are throwing it is lane shine. A lot of modern urethane balls lane shine fast, however this one does seem to keep its finish a lot better than most. A Tank Blitz and a Purple Tank are perfect for fresh oil patterns. Being a lefty, you can bet I will have a bag mixed with red and purple!

    Drew C.
    Motiv Staff

  2. Mark Wilson

    One of the older MOTIV lines, the Tanks are the go to bowling balls for control on hard conditions. The newest addition to this line is the Purple Tank.
    The Tank series changed dramatically with Microcell Polymer technology. Microcell Polymer is now the solution for the ball motion gap between reactive resin and urethane. Microcell polymer does not replace urethane completely. MOTIV has been looking for a special urethane cover stock that provides traction on modern lane surfaces conditioned with the high volume oil patterns competitive bowlers see so regularly.  
    MOTIV is introducing the brand new Purple Solid Urethane cover stock. It builds on the technology of Microcell Polymer, but it eliminates the oil absorption that causes MCP covers to shape down lane. This new cover allows the Purple Tank to show incredible control along with the aggressive traction seen from previous MCP balls like the Tank Blitz. It is ready to dominate when true urethane is needed in battle.
    To boost the control factor, the Flux core is employed on the Purple Tank to lower the track flare potential.

  3. James

    I drilled mine 40 x 3.75 x 30. I tried other urethanes and nothing compares to this one! It does everything urethane should and a little more. With my low rev rate and high speed it works well for me.

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