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Motiv Ripcord Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil



2.53 (15lb)

.047 (15lb)



Infusion Reactive

5000 Grit LSP

Black Solid/Purple Pearl


Mid Performance

Motiv Ripcord Bowling Ball

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Motiv Rip Cord Bowling Ball Features:

The Ripcord brings a new coverstock to the Motiv line. Its new Infusion Reactive cover is very strong at the breakpoint, helping to provide the Ripcord with lots of back end recovery. This new shell is paired with the medium RG, medium differential Oblivion symmetrical core design that was introduced in the Paranoia. The Ripcord comes out of the box at a 5000 grit polished finish, providing it with easy length and allowing it to store everything for the back end.

Infuse your game with angle using the new Ripcord from MOTIV.  Merging the dual-density Oblivion weight block with new Infusion Reactive cover stock, the Ripcord produces a sharper backend move and explosive continuation on medium oil patterns.
The new Infusion Reactive shell is the latest development in MOTIV’s cover technology.  It gives bowlers easy length with a fast response to friction at the backend of the lane.  Developed for modern higher viscosity oils, the Infusion cover enables the Ripcord to get down the lane cleanly without the risk of slipping through the breakpoint.
The Oblivion weight block utilized is a technically advanced work of art.  Every component of the dual-density engine is designed to help bowlers create an angular down lane motion.  The higher RG gives the Ripcord easy length.  The moderate differential creates the right amount of track flare for a continuous backend reaction. And the massive flip block on the bottom initiates a powerful change in direction.
Finished at 5000 Grit LSP, the Ripcord is the ideal ball for angular motion on moderate volumes of oil.  When the oil is depleted in the front part of the lane and the only option is to move in deeper and create angle, the Ripcord is the ball you want in your bag.

5 reviews for Motiv Ripcord Bowling Ball

  1. Adam Chase

    The new Ripcord brings back the Oblivion core found in the original Paranoia line. The new Infusion Reactive coverstock gives the backend motion you expect from an angular pearl ball. This is a ball that the Motiv Line has been missing for a while. The Lethal Paranoia gave an angular motion but was much longer and smoother than the new Ripcord. The Ripcord is clean, yet reads the midlane well and gives that strong angular motion. players who bowl House patterns that are lower in volume or just have a lot of hook, will enjoy this ball quite a bit. This ball is a great step up from the Venom Shock Pearl and a nice step down from the Villain Scorn.

  2. James Turner

    MOTIV Ripcord

    Speed: 19.5
    Rev Rate: 398
    PAP: 5 1/2 over 7/8 up
    Tilt: 4.3

    Weight Block: Oblivion
    Cover Stock: Infusion Reactive
    OOB Finish: 5000 LSP

    The MOTIV Ripcord was created to produce angularity and continuation through the pins. Ever notice when the heads dry up and you need to move in to open up your angles? I really like this cover/ore combo because I can move in and do just that. The Ripcord is clean through the front part of the lane and rips off the friction on the back part of the lane. I struggle sometimes because my ball speed blows the ball past the break point and this core was created to create the down lane motion I need to help me overcome this struggle. Moving in and allowing the ball to see the front part of the lane and respond to friction gives me a shape I haven’t seen before.

    I highly recommend!!

    James T.
    MOTIV Staff

  3. Alex

    Usually symmetric pearls and I don’t match up. The new Rip Cord has made an exception in my arsenal. Ball is very clean and very responsive off the friction. I still can not use it as my benchmark most days because it does need more friction than a fresh shot offers to hook up for me. Once the lanes transition early 2nd game I have complete faith in the response down lane.

  4. D.J.

    The Ripcord has become a staple in my bag and is a ball that I believe everyone needs. The skip flip motion that this ball provides is not only great for medium patterns and house shots, but it is great to see while throwing the ball. The Ripcord gives you that perfection benchmark motion while being a true skid flip ball. Watching this ball come scorching back from the friction on a house shot or sport patterns is a great feeling. Beyond that, when you have to move left to catch some more oil, the Ripcord has enough flip at the breakpoint to continue to go through the pins instead of burning out before the pocket. If you’re someone who loves to see the ball skid and flip down lane or need a ball in tournaments that allows you to move left but still come flying back from the friction; the Ripcord is here for you!

    D.J. R.
    Motiv Staffer

  5. Walter Wilson

    Alex review saying the ball is a Symmetric Pearl and on the page you have the ball it is saying it has a Hybrid Reactive coverstock type, now which one is it.

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