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Motiv Rogue Assassin


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Some Midlane Read with Strong Backend Motion


2.47 (15lb)

.047 (15lb)



Coercion HFS Reactive

3000 Grit LSS

Black/Dark Teal


High Performance

Motiv Rogue Assassin

(6 customer reviews)


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Motiv Rogue Assassin Bowling Ball Features:

The Rogue Assassin uses the same symmetrical Sigma core design that was most recently seen in the Rogue Blade. The Assassin pairs this weight block with the reactive solid Coercion HFS coverstock, which provides more traction in the oil than the Blade’s Hexion SE cover. The box finish of 3000 grit sanded is also rougher than the Rogue Blade’s 4000 grit box finish. These elements combine to give the Rogue Assassin more traction on the lane, allowing it to be used on heavier volumes of oil.

To build the ultimate ball for strength and control on medium oil, MOTIV engineers selected a time-tested core design and a performance-proven cover stock that are being merged together for the first time to give you the Rogue Assassin.

One of the original MOTIV cores, the Sigma is the industry standard for benchmark performance.  The low RG gives the Rogue Assassin stability in the mid-lane that bowlers expect from a medium oil benchmark ball, while the moderate differential provides drilling versatility and moderate flare that is ideal on medium oil.

First utilized on the Jackal Ghost, Coercion HFS Reactive cover stock is now available on the solid Rogue Assassin.  This proven cover has been used for higher oil volumes in the past and is available for the first time on a medium oil ball.  Coercion HFS is intended to increase friction in moderate to high volume environments and produce a controllable down lane motion.

Bowlers searching for a control ball for medium oil have found their match in the Rogue Assassin.  It fits easily into the center of a well-rounded arsenal.

6 reviews for Motiv Rogue Assassin

  1. James Turner

    Speed: 19.5
    Rev Rate: 398
    PAP: 5 1/2 over 7/8 up
    Tilt: 4.3

    Weight Block: Sigma
    Cover Stock: Coercion HFS Reactive
    OOB Finish: 3000 LSP

    Genius…Ghost cover combined with the same weight block that was in the Forza SS…This created a slower response Forza SS and gives me a predictable and controllable ball reaction down lane. This is a great bench mark ball on medium oil conditions and gives me less overall hook than the Jackal Ghost.

    I really liked the Rogue Blade and getting something similar but with earlier hook was a dream come true. The Rogue Assassin is very controllable and predictable down lane with great continuation as well. Seeing earlier hook with energy down lane is great for me with my speed.

    Highly Recommend.

    James T.
    MOTIV Staff

  2. Adam Chase

    The new Rogue Assassin gives you an earlier, stronger and smoother reaction comparative to the Rogue Blade. This ball is a great benchmark to use on a variety of conditions and is strong enough to use as a stepdown to the Jackal Ghost or Trident Abyss. This ball has great continuation through the pins and is great at surface changes. This ball is also great for the price as it is at a medium price point. Comparative to the Forza SS, the Assassin is a little quicker response and is slightly stronger in overall hook. For me, it is a type of ball that will stay in my bag for all type of house and sport patterns.

  3. Alex

    The Rogue Blade was one of my top 3 ball last season. So I was really looking forward to the Assassin. It has not disappointed yet. Strong early roll with strong mid lane read with smooth continuation. Excellent choice when trying to blend wet dry reaction when the OG Shock is not enough yet.

  4. Ryan W

    If a champion seemed to be unbeatable or too protected in the open, other means may be considered in ancient times, a different strategy would need to be considered. A form of stealth may need to be taken to dethrone… or… ‘eliminate’ the champion once and for all… When the world is reduced to the basics of winning and losing, all measures may need to be considered!

    MOTIV has once again introduced us to a new solution for the ‘elimination’ of your opponents. An element of stealth can be found in this new piece. We find ourselves looking at a piece with a high-powered (high-friction) cover stock but its driven by a core that provides its user with a controllable down-lane motion. In the shadows, we find the Rogue Assassin! The stealth factor of this one is found in its’ core. MOTIV has taken the proven Coercion HFS cover, which is found on both the Jackal Ghost and Forge, and merged it with their legendary benchmark Sigma core! That is right MOTIV faithfuls! We have a piece that has a high-friction, high-powered cover stock combined with a very controllable benchmark core in the Sigma core! The beauty of this combination gives us the ability to utilize a more aggressive cover-stock on a more modest lane condition with a more controlled down-lane motion that a benchmark core can provide.

    I will be the first to admit, the Rogue Assassin can be VERY misleading fresh out of the box! The box finish on the Assassin is 3000 Grit LSS but when you open the box, it looks as if it was just hit with 500 to 1000 grit dry standing! The first few shots with this ball did appear like the ball was constantly going to do dead right (or dead left if your right-handed). Once a slight lane shine is established on the Assassin, this one became something special! One of the challenges I face on my league nights is opening-up my angles without sacrificing carry. Many times, I would attempt to play the inside part of the lane and finding the pocket was not the difficult part, it was consistent carry. With a 70X5.5X40 layout on my Rogue Assassin, I found my answer! This layout out allowed me to really open-up my angles from the inside part of the lane with great control and continuation down lane. With only 4 games on the Assassin, I snap off a 300. The type of ball role I saw with this one generates excellent pin action on the lighter/swishing hits but also packed quite the punch on those solid hits! I will say that on those solid hits, there was rarely any pins left on the deck after the ball cleared the deck itself. What makes the Assassin such an awesome benchmark piece is the amount of hitting power and reaction it can offer but has a very controllable/predicable shape down-lane. Some believe that you need to sacrifice aggression for predictability. The Rogue Assassin may quietly say this is not true, but its actions very loudly shouts NO!

    Ryan W.
    MOTIV Staff Member

  5. D.J.

    The Rogue Assassin May be the greatest combination since Peanut Butter and Jelly. I was beyond excited to hear that Motiv was releasing this ball and the fact that it was using the Sigma Core and the Coercion HFS coverstock! It’s hard to put into words how great this ball is from my opinion. It gives you the perfect rounded motion that we love to see but it treads through any oil that is put in its path. For someone like myself with a lower rev rate and speed, the Rogue Assassin gives you the power through the pins to compete with the higher rev players. I have been able to throw this ball on longer patterns during the first game because of the continuation it provides and the consistency that the Sigma core is known for. I would recommend this ball to any bowler. The great control and smooth motion while being strong off the breakpoint and through the pins is enough to make anyone want this ball!

    D.J. R.
    Motiv Staffer

  6. Clinton

    After reading from the others saying there testaments has what this ball does,I’m in! I used to be a hammer nut but went straight to motiv, I have the motiv Alpha, I have the motiv forge T(black and yellow) the motiv Red tank.. I need to know from these guys besides I’m buying the motiv w/the sigma core Rogue assassin next week from bowlerX, what else do I need for med/heavy and I’m a lefty.speed is from 15.8 to 16.2 for me, so I like a 2”/3” pin for symmetrical balls. What do you guys suggest for me to get 2 more MOTIV’s ? Please help me. Thank you. CWS

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