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Motiv Tank Blitz Bowling Ball


Microcell Polymer


Light to Medium Oil, Short Oil Patterns

Smooth Controlled Motion on Medium to Dry Lane Conditions


2.48 (15lb)

.034 (15lb)



Frixion+ Microcell Polymer

2000 Grit LSS



Mid Performance

Motiv Tank Blitz Bowling Ball

(8 customer reviews)


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Motiv Tank Blitz Bowling Ball Features:

The Tank Blitz is the second offering from Motiv to use their microcell polymer coverstock type. Its new Frixion+ Microcell Polymer cover hooks earlier on the lane than the Frixion shell used on the Covert Tank. The Tank Blitz uses the symmetrical Gear core from the Venom Shock, which provides an RG of 2.48″ and a total differential of 0.034″. This core design gives this ball a lower RG and lower differential than the Covert Tank. Combined with the stronger cover, which helps the ball handle more oil, the Tank Blitz provides more overall hook and more continuation through the pin deck.

Following the overwhelming response and competitive success of the Covert Tank, MOTIV is proud to present the next stage in microcell polymer technology, the Tank Blitz.

Featuring new Frixion+ Microcell Polymer cover stock, the Tank Blitz is earlier and smoother than the Covert Tank.  To create this powerful new Frixion+ cover, MOTIV engineers boosted the oil absorption rate of the microcell polymer to handle higher concentrations of oil.

To complement the intent of Frixion+ cover stock, a low RG engine was needed in the Tank Blitz and the Gear core from the Venom Shock was the clear choice. With a lower differential, the Tank Blitz is capable of low flare layouts and produces a stronger, more traditional urethane shape, but with far better continuation.

The solid red Tank Blitz with its 2000 Grit LSS finish provides a new shape for competitive bowlers and also gives average bowlers a very early and smooth option for medium oil conditions.



8 reviews for Motiv Tank Blitz Bowling Ball

  1. James Turner


    Speed: 19.5
    Rev Rate: 398
    PAP: 5 1/2 over 7/8 up
    Tilt: 4.3

    I looked forward to seeing this ball on the lanes because I wanted to see earlier and smoother ball motion vs. the Covert Tank. The Gear core from the Venom Shock and the Micro Cell Polymer cover gets the Blitz to read sooner and shows me the smooth continuous motion down lane. I actually see more of a urethane shape with this ball and still don’t have to worry about all the carry down I’d create with actual urethane. The Blitz gives me the ability to start right and gradually open up my angles without sacrificing the ability to carry those corner pins.

    I highly recommend this to all.

    James T.

  2. DJ Rose

    It’s no coincidence that MicroCell Polymer and Motiv Crushes Pins start with the same 3 letters. Motiv expands their ball reaction again with the addition of the Tank Blitz. I was a huge fan of the Covert Tank when I first got it and now the Tank Blitz is now with that. The Tank Blitz is much stronger and allows me to move left off the Covert and shape the ball. The Tank Blitz doesn’t stop. When I throw this ball, I feel like I can just see the pure power of it going to the pocket and watch it blow through the pins. The Blitz defines a tank, it is impossible to stop. If you want power for the entire length of the lane, get a Tank Blitz.

  3. Stephen Mohn

    Let’s talk about the new tank blitz. First, off I’d like to say I really liked the covert tank a lot( I owned 2). I like how the microcell cover gives me a urethane shape without being urethane since I’m urethane challenged(Nothing urethane ever rolls good for me)
    So the Tank blitz. Ok so for me the blitz seems SUPER early compared to the covert tank. The explanation I received about that change is that players using the covert felt like they could overthrow the covert tank, meaning they could easily throw it threw the breakpoint without a lot of surface being applied to the ball. I know they changed cores to the gear core(the venom line) and they did something to the cover making it stronger and earlier. Let me say that this ball hooks at least an arrow more than the covert tank and its 5ft earlier. I’ve had my staff ball for a few weeks and I’ve been trying my darndest to throw it through the breakpoint. I haven’t succeeded yet in that effort. For anyone that needs something to concur the ever cliff’d house shots(a ton of wet/dry), this ball will perfect for you. If you are looking for something to replace your urethane ball with something that shapes like it and doesn’t destroy the pattern like urethan this is the ball for you.
    I bet you will see every single Motiv staffer have at the very least one of the tanks in their bags at all times right next to their venom shock. This ball feels like an all-time great and should be around for a very long time! Huge thumbs up on this ball!

    Specs PAP 4 over 1/2 Up
    Tilt 15degree
    Axis Rotation 60

    Stephen M.
    Motiv Staffer

  4. Alex

    Just when I thought the microcell polymer technology couldn’t get better motiv proved me wrong. The Blitz is a better version of any solid urethane on the market by far. It is a little earlier than the “purple” but much more continuous through the deck. The ball just gets better the more lane shine it takes. The amount of flare lines this ball generates for me is intense. Highly recommend this ball for anyone looking to add urethane to their arsenal, especially since the micro cell won’t get you blackballed at league like true urethane does!

  5. Jason Lettau

    I am lost for words when trying to describe this ball. I drilled it like my favorite Venom Shock (4×90) and have the pin right above my ring finger. The motion on this ball is incredibly smooth and early. The Tank Blitz reads the lane, even if you miss inside, and still doesn’t quit! The Microcell polymer technology is absolutely insane! When throwing this ball I know I have a smooth and reliable reaction. This is probably the best medium oil ball I’ve ever thrown. If you’re looking for a similar shape to urethane that’s a bit stronger and doesn’t push oil down the lane, this is the ball for you! Everyone I know that has drilled one loves it, especially on the house shot!

    Jason L.
    MOTIV Staff

    I would recommend this to a friend!

  6. Drew

    The layout I used on the Tank Blitz is 60x3x40. This bowling ball is something special! The hype is REAL!! I drilled a shorter pin to PAP to enhance the smoothness of this ball. This ball will be going everywhere with me. Comparing this ball to the Covert Tank, the Blitz is overall a stronger ball. It is earlier and more continuous to its counterpart. The Tank Blitz is a very versatile piece that can be drilled to favor urethane reaction or drilled to roll just like most reactive balls. You do NOT want to miss out on this ball!

    Drew C.
    Motiv Staff

  7. David Hooper Jr

    This Tank Blitz is amazing. It is about an arrow stronger than the Covert Tank for me. I used my normal pin above the bridge layout that I always try on a bowling ball. It blends patterns so well that it isn’t even fair to not have one in the bag. This ball reads the lane fairly early but does not quit downlane. It can be drilled to roll similar to urethane but also can be drilled to roll like a lot of reactive balls. It provides a very predictable shape, and will be the first ball out of my bag on every pattern.

    David H. Jr
    Motiv Staff

  8. Jamison Peyton


    I was not expecting to be wowed this much by this piece. It’s hard to sum up everything I like about this ball in words, and when you see one go down the lane in person, you’ll know what I mean.

    The Gear core and I have gotten along very, very well in the past, so seeing a bigger cover wrapped around it gives me a new favorite option in the medium category for me. I’m the kind of guy that would throw a Shock on everything he could, so having a Blitz as an option for higher volume stuff is great. I find myself running over the 8 pin when I play straighter with the ball, and to my surprise, it recovers very well for something this smooth when I miss outside early. It takes well to a handful of different surfaces, and I find myself even able to use it on lighter volume stuff with 4k, but also able to tackle very high volume with 1000. It likely won’t be getting polish, but that’s what the Supra is for, right?

    This is probably the most positive review I’ve ever written on a bowling ball, but then again, this is, in my opinion, the BEST medium smooth ball Motiv has EVER produced.

    Jamison P.
    Motiv Staffer

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