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BowlerX NeoGrit Variety Pack Sanding Pads – 3 Pack


BowlerX NeoGrit Variety Pack Sanding Pads – 3 Pack


Simply the BEST sanding pads on the market.

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NeoGrit Variety Pack Sanding Pads – 4 Pack Features:

One pad each of:

800 Grit

1000 Grit

2000 Grit

NeoGrit is a soft abrasive disc with revolutionary patented cloth backing laminated to flexible foam. The ultra-transpiring backing grants total dust suction, thus creating a better working environment. Transpiration also reduces the temperature of the processed surface, improves the anti-clogging feature, grants a longer lifetime and a finish quality beyond compare than traditional products. Especially designed for bowling balls, these discs are ideal for the even finish of the surface. Both wet and dry applications are allowed.

* Color-coded material allows for easy grit recognition even after printing on pad wears

* Long-lasting abrasive for maximum effectiveness ball after ball

* Available in grits from 800 through 2000

* Co-developed, endorsed and used exclusively by PBA professional and staffer EJ Tackett


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