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Radical Bonus Pearl Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil

Skid/Flip Motion


2.487 (15lb)

.030 (15lb)


Symmetric (DynamiCore)

Forged Pearl

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound

Black Pearl


Mid Performance

Radical Bonus Pearl Bowling Ball

(11 customer reviews)


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Radical Bonus Pearl Bowling Ball Features:

The Bonus Pearl features the popular Bonus core and is now wrapped with the Forged Pearl cover. The Forged Pearl cover is noted for its massive backend recovery and quick response to friction. The Bonus line is quickly becoming a staple in every tournament player’s bag, and the Bonus Pearl adds a new dimension to the Radical arsenal. The Bonus core features a 2.487 RG and a low differential of 0.030, making it the perfect benchmark ball; add in the hard-hitting DynamiCore, and you have a real winner.

11 reviews for Radical Bonus Pearl Bowling Ball

  1. Cody Goodlett

    The Bonus Pearl does not disappoint. I have it a a couple boards weaker overall hook compared to the solid but with a stronger motion off the spot. This ball is very continuous. I did not match up with the Solid that great, but I like this one a lot. It reminds me of a stronger original Squatch. This will be a great ball down from a Results or Results Plus.

  2. Bob Newman

    The Radical Bonus Pearl will fit a void in my arsenal very well. It is super clean, very smooth rolling pearl ball. I like to keep my lines in front of me if I can. This ball will let me do that. It is a little stronger than my Counter Attack Pearl but has less coverage by far over all my other pearls. It is very similar to the old Track Tundra. It is a nice step down from the Bonus solid which quickly became one of my favorites. This one will be in my bag quite a while

  3. Clancy DeGroodt

    The Bonus Pearl Is a GRAND SLAM. The black ball along with the Orange Logos looks phenomenal going down the lane. I drilled mine 3 ½ x 25 so almost the max flip layout. This layout is a bit more aggressive than my go to symmetrical layout and I was not at all disappointed with the reaction. With this layout and the Orange Loogs you can easily see the 3 phases of ball motion as the ball goes down the lane. I am a huge fan of this. The ball eases through the fronts and revs up in the mid lane ( a couple feet longer than the solid Bonus) and just explodes on the backend. This Bonus is in my number 1 bag and is my new benchmark symmetrical. Get yours today!

  4. Bob Moran

    Using the Forged Pearl cover made popular by the original Katana the Bonus pearl provides more length and a sharper motion down lane to perfectly compliment the original Bonus. The bonus was and still is the benchmark ball that goes everywhere with me to tell me what the lanes are doing. You better believe this bonus pearl will right there with me as well

  5. Dustin Bearden

    Radical did an amazing job creating a pearl compliment to the original Bonus. The original Bonus has a strong cover for a symmetrical ball, and when that ball burns up, I can make a small move left with my feet, and this ball will clear the front of the lane, and respond hard to the friction. I can pick up right where I left off with the Bonus solid and keep on striking. The Dynamacore and great pearl cover send it into the pocket with extreme force, and it throws the pins EVERYWHERE. The Radical Bonus Pearl can fit anyone’s game, and I would recommend it for all styles of bowlers. My drill pattern would be 3.75 x 35

  6. Tim Martin

    Drilled my BONUS Pearl with a 50,4”, 35 layout, which is the same layout as my BONUS solid, as I wanted to get the same motion as the lanes transitioned. I really like the smooth and predictable ball motion these symmetrical balls give me, a must have on tougher conditions.

  7. TheHopeDiamond22

    The bonus pearl is super clean through the fronts with a good mid lane read and a very quick response to friction at the breakpoint. Strong change of direction for a low/mid diff core. Layout I used was 40X4.5X30. Was able to play them in and out with multiple angles. I see this piece matching up for all players. Great step down when the Bonus is a bit to soon and you need a little bit more distance. Don’t wait on adding this one to the bag.

  8. OD

    One of my favorite balls recently has been the Radical Bonus so naturally I needed to try its next of kin in the Bonus Pearl. I drilled mine pin down and for me it is giving a shape that I’ve lacked in a pearl ball. It is an earlier rolling, more predictable pearl that looks fantastic on the fresh. I tend to always shy away from pearls early in my league but this came out of my bag and happily mowed pins down with the greatest of ease. I definitely notice that even though it rolls a bit earlier, it is still a pearl and its holding onto a bit more energy than my solid balls. That’s resulting in no troubles with corner pins which is making for quite a happier bowler and bigger scores

  9. Tom Marlow

    The Bonus Pearl is $$$$

    It’s the perfect complement to the original Bonus. When your OG Bonus starts hooking early not finishing on the backend this ball will easily get through the front of the lane and give you that perfect continuous motion through the pins.

  10. Andee

    The bonus pearl is perfect for short to medium length oil. This ball gives you continue back end through the pins without a drastic hook shape making the ball uncontrollable, when the original bonus starts to roll to early this is the perfect all the transition in to . This ball is perfect for a “go to” ball in your bag

  11. Christopher Doerr

    80 x 4 1/8 x 55 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    The Bonus line is as good as it sounds. I recently shot 300 with the solid and have had great success with the pearl too. This is a great ball for a house shot because of its forgiveness going down the lane and stored hitting power when it gets there. Having the Solid and Pearl benefit each other because when the Solid starts reading too early, switching to the pearl is a great option to have in the bag.

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