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Radical Conspiracy Scheme Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane & Backend Motion


2.487 (15lb.)

.056 (15lb)



Asymmetric (DynamiCore)

Motion Magic. Solid

500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



High Performance

Radical Conspiracy Scheme Bowling Ball

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Radical Conspiracy Scheme Bowling Ball Features:

The Conspiracy Solid was Radical’s number one selling ball of all time, and they have found a way to make it even better. Radical’s newest Top Shelf launch, The Conspiracy Scheme, is a newly engineered version of the original Conspiracy solid featuring several improvements that should surely get lots of attention.

9 reviews for Radical Conspiracy Scheme Bowling Ball

  1. Brandon Michael Traynum

    Very versatile asymmetric ball that responds well to various hand positions and speeds. Super controllable motion and great pin action. I personally knocked the shine off to help it blend the lane better and that’s when this ball started to shine!

  2. James Goulding

    Radical Conspiracy Scheme Review
    Stats: Speed – 17.0; RPM – 335; AT – 19; AR – 55
    Layout: 45 x 5” x 40

    Radical’s newest Top Shelf launch, The Conspiracy Scheme, is a newly engineered version of the original Conspiracy solid featuring several improvements that should surely get lots of attention. The MOtion Magic coverstock is a solid version of the popular cover on the Trailblazer. I chose the layout I did to get the ball to roll forward a little sooner due to my higher tilt, but transition a bit slower to really utilize that longer, stronger roll phase of ball motion. I have used it on a couple of different patterns and here is my assessment:

    42 ft. THS (typical house shot): The Conspiracy Scheme has been a very strong ball for the house shot in two centers I frequent. What I love about this ball is that it chews through the oil, makes a defined move off the spot, but is still predictable enough to control from shot to shot. Very versatile to cover changes, I took mine from box finish, down to 1000 and back up to 3000 polished, and it responds to all of those very well. If you are seeing too much early hook, take the cover up to 4000, too much length, just sand it to 1000 or even 500, it takes to those changes extremely well! Do not be afraid to adjust the surface to your game, this ball can handle it!

    45 ft. Weber pattern: I just rolled on this pattern a few weeks ago, and the Conspiracy Scheme was the best ball in my bag on the fresh. Projection and speed control are key, and the Conspiracy Scheme at 2000 was the perfect matchup. It rolled forward perfectly and hit heavy through the pins, carrying the off pocket hits extremely well. As the four game block progressed, I was able to move further inside, roll the ball firm off my hand, and it saw the friction consistently, making my moves easier and more trustworthy, resulting in higher scores and more confidence in the ball.

    If you are looking for that “benchmark” ball reaction from a high end asymmetric, chews through the oil like the big solids but with a strong, continuous finish, look no further than the Conspiracy Scheme. Available to pre-order now from Bowler Builders Pro Shops, and at pro shops everywhere 3-25-2022! Join the Radical Revolution today!

  3. Clancy DeGroodt

    Conspiracy Scheme

    The Scheme rolls like all the Conspiracy line GOOD. I find it close to the OG but a little later and stronger off the spot. I drilled mine my standard layout of Asymmetrical balls at 45x4x35. It is clean through the first part of the lane I believe the compound added at the factory helps with this. The ball sees the midlane well (the best trait of the Conspiracy Core) and has a nice transition to the roll phase that is straight through the pins.

  4. Bob Newman

    Pretty excited about this piece. I’ve got about 5 games on it and it looks like something that will get a lot of use. This is a solid cover, finished @500 SIAAIR then a factory compound to shine it up. They also put an additive in the cover for additional traction. So you have a ball that is very clean, not super long or flippy, makes a strong controllable change of direction and hits hard. Sounds like a winner to me. And it looks good with the darker purple color.

  5. Robert way

    Conspiracy scheme
    I’m a left handed bowler. My ball speed is around 14.5 mph. My Rev rate is around 275 rpm. I recently punched this ball. The layout is 75 x 3 3/4 x 35. This ball and layout picks up in the mids with a smooth continuous motion on the backend. I think this a great ball for your house shot league.

    Robert W.

  6. Tom Marlow

    How do you make a number selling radical ball even better? Add Dynamicore change the cover and you will next the next great ball from radical. The out of box 500 with compound with give you a little cleaner look though the front of the lane but the 500 under that still gives you a strong solid ball with the look of a Pearl and when you add the Dynamicore the pins are really going to fly.

    The Conspiracy Scheme response really well the surface change and I must say I’m a fan of this ball and it with be in both my tournament house shot and sports shot ball.

  7. C. Miller

    The Conspiracy Scheme at box finish is so smooth through the fronts and picks up in the midlane with continuation. For me and my speed, it was a little long. I hit it by hand with a 2000 Siaair pad and it reacted much quicker without losing energy down lane.
    What I see out of the Scheme is a great color, hitting power, and takes to surface adjustment very well. Sounds like a good tournament ball to me!

  8. Bryan Williams, PBA Member and DV8 Pro Staff

    Like the Original, but Just Better!

    If you are a fan of the original Radical Conspiracy, then you will not be disappointed with the new The Conspiracy Scheme. Like the original Conspiracy, the versatility of this ball is simply AMAZING! The Conspiracy Hybrid was by far my favorite ball ever. The versatility and consistency of this ball made it a must have in my bag. The Conspiracy Scheme is exactly the same. I drilled my ball pin up above the bridge to really give this ball a much smoother reaction off the spot and the ball performs perfectly. With Dynamicore added to this ball, its hitting power is just incredible! If you haven’t drilled any Radical Bowling Technologies equipment, you are REALLY missing out! Another fantastic ball from Radical. Rest in Power Mo Pinel!

  9. Tim Martin

    Drilled my Conspiracy Scheme with a 50,4”, 40 layout. Which gave me a really predictable but strong ball reaction. The ball can definitely handle medium to heavy oil patterns, may have to shine it, depending on conditions and your rev rate.

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