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Radical Conspiracy Theory Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Heavy Roll with Strong Backend Motion


2.490 (15lb.)

 .054 (15lb.)

 .023 (15lbs.)



TP-1 (Textured Pearl 1)

500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



High Performance

Radical Conspiracy Theory Bowling Ball

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Radical Conspiracy Theory Bowling Ball Features:

The Conspiracy Theory brings the newest innovations to Radical’s Top Shelf line. This ball uses a modified version of the asymmetrical core design from the previous Conspiracy balls, which provides a slightly higher RG and lower differential. In addition to the new weight block, the Conspiracy Theory features the new TP-1 (Textured Pearl 1) coverstock. This new pearl cover is finished with Crown Factory Compound on top of a 500/1000 SiaAir combination. The new cover with this finish gets the Conspiracy Theory hooking quicker in the pattern than the Conspiracy Pearl.

The Conspiracy Theory is a second generation of the very successful Conspiracy core. Radical has modified the shape and densities to increase the overall performance of the original Conspiracy core.  Radical Technologies success has come from having dynamic down lane ball motion; this is a result of the cover and core performance. The Conspiracy Theory not only features core improvements it also allows us to introduce a newly developed cover stock technology. The new TP-1 cover is a textured pearl cover stock, a new technology for the industry. TP-1 allows the Conspiracy Theory to pick up a heavy roll like a solid and have big backend recovery like a pearl. TP-1 is truly a game-changer. As with all Top Shelf and Reliable price points from Radical, they have included the hard-hitting DynamiCore technology. DynamiCore increases the coefficient of restitution, pins disperse at a higher rate of speed, and faster pin speed yields a higher strike percentage on-off hits.

3 reviews for Radical Conspiracy Theory Bowling Ball

  1. Robert Way



    I’m a left handed bowler. My ball speed is around 15mph. My RevRate is around 275 rpms. I recently drilled up this ball. My layout is 45 x 4 1/4 x 35. The all purpose layout by Radical bowling Technologies suggested sheet. I would have to say with the factory finished it wasn’t strong enough for me on my house shot. I removed the compound and add 2000 grit. Now it fits great with my Arsenal. I think this a great ball to start my house shot league with. And I’m looking forward to trying it out on a medium sport pattern. I also think it would work great for the USBC National championship.

    Robert W.

  2. Brandon

    Layout: 60 x 2.5 x 40

    Intentions: To compliment my DV8 Frequency that has the same layout. The utilization of a 2.5″ pin to pap was intended to limit the flare and give me more overall control.

    Results: This has been an absolutely incredible 1-2 punch with the DV8 Frequency at the top of the bag for myself. The TP-1 (Textured Pearl – 1) cover is able to push through the front part of the lane without issue while providing enough traction in the midlane to avoid blowing the breakpoint. I did crack the polish with an extremely worn 2k pad by hand just to bring the breakpoint a touch closer to the foul line. On higher friction lanes, I’m able to use this on fresh to control the over / under I typically see from cliffed house shots. The Conspiracy Theory has also made for a great transition ball, especially if I’m starting with the DV8 Frequency and still need a ball to be a bit more forward off the spot while being cleaner through the fronts.

    – Brandon, Brunswick Regional Staff

  3. Jai Jones

    Ball Review for Conspiracy Theory

    Bowler Stats
    Right Handed
    Speed 17mph off hand
    Rev rate 350-375
    Axis Rotation 55-60 degrees
    Axis tilt 12 degrees

    The Original Conspiracy is one of my all time favorite balls, so I was really excited to get my hands on one. So excited in fact, that I drilled up 2!

    CT 1- This is more of a basic house shot layout. 70×3.5×30. What I get is good length and recovery. The ball also responds well to hand position changes. In my bag, I have a really strong layout on my Black Conspiracy so I go to this CT when the Black Conspiracy is too much. The Textured Pearl cover gives a very good midlane readbwhich is uncharacteristic in a Pearl
    Carry is EXCELLENT! Dynamicore is not a gimmick! I am rev dominant WITH lower ball speed and this ball pushes pins up for me. I NEVER see that. I can always count on this ball for recovery and carry.

    CT2- I have always been a fan of Flare Reducing Layouts. It allows me to square up to my target and stay out of traffic on house shots, and increase carry. The layout is 90×1×45. I used a 1″ pin to PAP to minimize flare. I know we will get some flare but my low ball speed can still allow me to circle the lane a little but the carry suffers when using this layout for that purpose. This is sometimes my benchmark or used on tougher sport conditions. It allows me to take advantage of the CT’s excellent midlane read and carry.

    In closing, more and more balls will start using this textured pearl. Where else can you get clean thru the front, good midlane AND pop on the back…..NOWHERE!

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