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Radical Double Cross Bowling Ball


Pearl Urethane


Light to Medium Oil

Strong Continuous Motion


2.528 (15lb)

.035 (15lb)


Symmetric (DynamiCore)

U73 Pearl

500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad

Black Pearl


Mid Performance

Radical Double Cross Bowling Ball

(11 customer reviews)


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Radical Double Cross Bowling Ball Features:

The Double Cross is Radical’s first-ever urethane introduction. The Double Cross features a new core specifically designed to produce unprecedented urethane performance, with an RG of 2.528 and a total differential of 0.035; the differential is higher than any urethane ball currently on the market.

11 reviews for Radical Double Cross Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Newman

    Let me start by saying I love my Purple Hammer. Throwing these two side by side, they were very close in board coverage with the Purple having a slightly bigger overall footprint. The Double Cross does have more flare and a little heavier roll. Basically it’s just gonna go through the pins a little different and sometimes that will be the difference. I like the Double Cross.

  2. Clancy DeGroodt

    The Double Cross is Radical Bowling Technologies introduction into urethane. The Double Cross has more flare potential than any other urethane on the market. I found this ball to perform great on the flatter patterns and sport shots. The increased flare allowed me to have the control of urethane but area and hit of reactive resin. As always Radical doesn’t disappoint!

  3. Billy Netzhammer

    Mo is rolling over in his grave!

    This is the first urethane ball Radical has created and it does not disappoint. The layout I used is 50 x4 ½” x 35. This is one of the more versatile layouts I use. This ball is very similar to the Purple Hammer. It is very continuous, controllable but can cover some boards. I was surprised that the lanes did not carry down as bad either. I attributed this to the amount of flare of this ball. In comparison to my Purple Hammer (same layout), the Radical Double Cross is a bit earlier and smoother. This ball is perfect for tough medium to short sport shot patterns.

    Stats: Right handed, 450rpms, 17mph, Tilt: 12 degrees, Rotation: 45 degree

  4. Brenden Sramek

    I drilled up my new Double Cross from Radical featuring a brand new core and a cover based from one of the best urethane covers ever created on the Purple Hammer. For me, the purple hammers are better just after the fresh, when there is a bit of carrydown and the backends become softer. So I was looking for something to give me more of look on the fresher patterns. I drilled my Double Cross with a 3 1/2″ pin to PAP and a 2″ pin buffer or around 40 degrees VAL and it does not disappoint. I practiced on 39ft Chameleon right out of box and had front 7 with it, this pattern has an extreme amount of friction in the front part of the lane and the downlane reaction is very sharp and this ball made the pattern very easy and controllable as i had a little room right and left out of the gate. If you want to drill this to shape a bit more downlane, I believe that it will have no problems with that and will be just a tad stronger in the midlane and smoother downlane than a 15lb purple hammer. This ball definitely compares to a 16lb purple hammer with the amount that it flares. It was impressive. Get yours on 1/28/22!!

  5. Raymond Allen

    Finally got around to drilling and throwing the new Radical Bowling Technologies Double Cross, radical’s first ever urethane ball. I threw it in league last night on the “house shot” which is very cliffed (very oily in the middle and bone dry on the outside). As soon as the ball hits the dry it moves hard, and of course as it sits in the oil it holds its line. I was able to find a perfect in between line and sat there for a game and a half without having to move. For urethane, the ball didn’t seem to transition the oil as most urethanes do, and the flare on this ball! I had a good 2-3” of flare which is unheard of on a urethane coverstock! I was very impressed with this ball. Ended the night with a sloppy 690, but I definitely see this being a key ball for tournaments. If I had to compare it to the purple hammer, I’d say the motion is more predictable and more of a rainbow shape where as I have the purple hammer earlier and smoother on the backend.

  6. Bryan L. Williams, PBA Member and DV8 Pro Staff

    The Radical Double Cross is a fantastic complement to the Purple Hammer. The Purple Hammer is much stronger than the Double Cross, but the Double Cross rolls more like a true urethane ball, allowing bowlers to keep the ball in front of you and in play longer than with the Purple Hammer. The Double Cross will definitely shape differently from the Purple Hammer, to give a complementary look on various lane conditions which urethane is in play. The Double Cross definitely has more flare down the lane, but very controllable and predictable. This is just a go-to ball for anyone that needs a different look when reactive is too much on a lane condition. Radical continues to innovate and revolutionize the bowling industry!

  7. James Goulding

    Radical Double Cross Review

    I drilled the Radical Double Cross to be a bigger flaring, more down-lane urethane compliment to my Hammer Purple Pearl, and that is exactly what I got. The Double Cross is drilled 4 ¼” x 30 and flares twice as much as any other urethane ball I have ever used. While it retains the characteristic “earlier roll” of urethane when compared to reactive balls, it makes a more defined motion off the spot which allows me to trust the ball to recover from steeper angles than I can with other urethanes on the market. If you want to square up in the puddle, the Double Cross will perform admirably, holding line and saving enough hitting power to get the job done, thanks to an innovative core design, and DynamiCore outer core technology for more hitting power at the pins. I used it on Holman 38’, Ballard 35’ and Hardwick 44’, with success playing different parts of the lane on each pattern. You can own the Double Cross now, from Bowler Builders Pro Shops and pro shops everywhere!

  8. Matt Murtishaw

    The Double Cross is an aggressive urethane ball. It is very strong in the front of the lane and has a manageable back end reaction.

    This makes it exceptionally useful for playing the outside line or playing straighter angles through the front. Very controllable and predictable.

    I have had success using this ball on patterns like Viper, where I need something in the mid-range as far as hook potential, and also on house shots, where I need something blendy.

    I personally love this ball, and I have had many people come up to me while using it to comment on how good it rolls!

  9. Robert way

    Double cross
    I’m a left handed bowler. My ball speed is around 14 mph. My Rev rate is around 275 rpms. Radical Bowling Technologies recently designed and Pearl urethane ball.
    I recently drilled this ball. My layout choice was 70 x 4 x 35. I must say I was very surprised in how this ball rolled. It very smooth and continuous. And it carry the pins very well. I think it would be a great addition to anyone’s bowling bag.

    Robert W.

  10. Mathew Jones

    Double Cross is definitely a must have in the bag. earlier and smoother than the purple but still has some shape downlane. This will be good for most sport pattern and patterns with clean backends that you need to blend out.

  11. Christina L.

    Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 15 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. I drilled mine 45×4.25×30. The ball is smooth and controllable like urethane should be and provides a bit more hook than the Hammer Purple Pearl for me. If you are an average rev bowler like myself, the Double Cross would be a good urethane addition because of that additional hook.

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