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Radical Intel Special Edition Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil

Strong Midlane and Backend Continuation


2.483 (15lb)

.035 (15lb)


DynamiCore Symmetric


500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



Mid Performance

Radical Intel Special Edition Bowling Ball

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Radical Intel Special Edition Bowling Ball Features:

After Tom Daugherty had won the World Championship using the Intel Pearl we received lots of requests to bring it back. Rather than remake it, we have added some additional technologies. The Intel Pearl Special Edition will feature the original Intel core, but we have added DynamiCore and the popular TP-1 additive making the Intel Pearl S.E. a new and improved version of the Intel Pearl.


6 reviews for Radical Intel Special Edition Bowling Ball

  1. Clancy DeGroodt

    The Radical Intel Special Addition is part of the midpriced line of Radical Bowling Technologies ball selections. I drilled mine 4×30 and found this to be in between the Bonus Pearl and The Bonus. As expected the addition of the TP-1 Pearl coverstock to the legendary Intel core makes this ball an excellent benchmark pearl symmetrical piece. The Intel SE is a couple boards stronger overall and about a foot earlier on THS than the Bonus Pearl. I like the shape and punch on the backend.

  2. Bob Newman

    My ball driller suggested the Radical Intel Se for me and I’m really glad he did. The ball is very clean through the heads and mids and has very nice strong shape down lane and through the pins. I’ve put up a couple big scores with it already on two different THS’s. It’s going to be really good for league shots and should work well when lanes begin transition on sports shots. I used it in the same practice session with two other new pearls, the Ebonite Puma and Hammer Web Pearl. It fell right in the middle. It is about 3 and 1 stronger than the Puma and about 2-3 less than the Web Pearl. For me, it had the best shape of the 3 through the pins.

  3. Christina L.

    Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 14.5 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. The Intel Pearl SE fits between the Bonus Solid and Bonus Pearl. It provides a smoother motion like the Bonus Solid, but gets through the fronts a little easier. Compared to the Bonus Pearl, I find the Bonus Pearl to be a little sharper on the backend. As a bowler with average revs and speed, I chose this ball as my benchmark. It will be the first out of my bag at tournaments to help me read the lanes. It will also work well for lanes that have medium-light oil or that are transitioning and starting to dry out. For those that have lower ball speeds, I think this would be a great benchmark option if your Bonus Solid is reading too early.

  4. Scott Crawford

    The Intel Pearl Special Edition is very similar to the original Intel Pearl that was very popular. Nobody wanted to see the Intel go away, and for good reason. This is still a benchmark type ball that can be used on a variety of conditions. For me it will have more success on slightly drier lanes. Main difference in the Special Edition is the textured pearl cover with the sparkle additive that gives it a little more traction that the original. This is a go-to ball often to figure out shots and when lanes get dry. Drilled this one 85 x 4.5 x 35.

  5. Petro

    The Radical Intel Pearl S.E. is a great easy reading ball with a punch in the backend. For me, I have used this on a shelf when the reaction needs to be controlled. Great rolling ball with a pack of punch at the pin deck.

  6. Brandon Michael Traynum

    Super clean but not particularly sharp pearl ball. Really controls the lane well. I am super satisfied with this ball in my bag!

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