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Radical Pandemonium Solid Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium Oil

Strong Midlane with Continuous Backend Motion


2.487 (15lb)

.053 (15lb)


Symmetric (DynamiCore)

Forged + Solid

500, 1000, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad



Mid Performance

Radical Pandemonium Solid Bowling Ball

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Radical Pandemonium Solid Bowling Ball Features:

The Pandemonium Solid brings big ball motion to our symmetrical line-up. What can the bowler expect from the Pandemonium Solid? Bowlers will get a strong mid-lane motion and lots of continuation through the pin deck. The Pandemonium Solid has an exceptional long hook phase allowing for easy to read ball motion with plenty of hook. Matched up with the Pandemonium Pearl you have a great symmetrical one-two punch.

3 reviews for Radical Pandemonium Solid Bowling Ball

  1. Christina L.

    The Pandemonium Solid is a great symmetrical option for medium to medium-heavy oil conditions. I drilled mine 4×20, which is a strong layout for my stats. It is smooth and controllable, but hits the pocket hard. It is the first ball out of my bag at houses that play a bit slicker. If you have a Bonu$ solid this is a great symmetrical piece to ball up to for those oily conditions as it has a bit more overall hook and midlane read.

    My stats: PAP 4 over 3/4 up, 275 revs, 17 degrees tilt, and 14.5 mph ball speed


    Radical Pandemonium Solid Review

    I drilled the Pandemonium Solid 3.5” x 55 to have a strong rolling solid symmetric that would flare up and hook, even in large amounts of oil. This ball does not disappoint. It is the third most hooking ball in my arsenal, behind only the Radical Results Solid and Ebonite Aero, and the strongest symmetric ball in my bag. I have used it on Holman 37’, which wasn’t the ideal pattern for the ball at box finish, but taking it up to 4000 Siaair gave me enough length and pop to control that pattern well. Where this ball has really shined is on heavier patterns like PBA Scorpion and Shark, where I need to get into the puddle and find shape. The Pandemonium Solid does just that, giving me a 3rd place finish recently on Scorpion, and allowing me to get deeper than I can normally play on those patterns. On a THS, this ball loves the oil, just don’t make the mistake to miss into the dry too early, as it will grab, hook, and you’ll find trouble. Just throw it into the deepest parts of the ocean and watch it chew through oil like a hot knife through butter. One of the most impressive balls I’ve thrown in years, I am excited to use this on heavier sport patterns and long oil league patterns this summer. A perfect ball for the USBC Open Championships! Order your Pandemonium Solid now from Moore’s Pro Shop, or a local pro shop in your area and join the Radical Revolution!

    – James G.

  3. Christopher Doerr

    75 x 4 x 30 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    Early, smooth, consistent and strong are the correct words for the reaction shape of this ball. I like to use this when the lanes are fresh to handle the heavier oil volume and/or control the breakpoint from not being too angular early. Not many bowling balls share these color option so this one stands out for reaction and shelf appeal. This one would be good to control the reaction on those higher volume oil patterns and still retain the pin carry once you reach the pocket.

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