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Radical Quick Fix Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane Read and Very Strong Back End Motion


2.511 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)


Shapeshifter Sym/Asym


500, 4000 Siaair Micro Pad



Radical Quick Fix Bowling Ball


Out of stock


Radical Quick Fix Bowling Ball Features:

The Radical Quick Fix is the follow-up to The Fix, and this version uses a more responsive coverstock than the original. Paired with its smoother box finish, the Quick Fix provides more length. This added length allows it to expend less energy in the front of the lane, resulting in a bigger back end recovery that will cover more boards than the duller-finished Tremendous. Just like The Fix, the Quick Fix uses Radical’s Shapeshifter core. This core is designed to provide the as-drilled mass properties of either a symmetrical or asymmetrical core, depending primarily upon where the pin is placed relative to the finger holes.

The Quick Fix is the newest addition to the Top Shelf line, and we Radical is extremely excited about expanding the Radical line to include a ball with a more responsive backend reaction. Combining their innovative Shapeshifter core with a new cover formula allows the Quick Fix to provide an aggressive breakpoint with exceptional continuation on the backend. Most importantly, the Quick Fix provides outstanding drilling versatility for a wide range of ball motions.


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