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Stone 8 by Len Nicholson


Stone 8 by Len Nicholson


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Stone 8 – The Stories Behind the 60 Most Memorable Moments in PBA History by Len Nicholson Features:

“If a picture really does say a thousand words, then it would take 60,000 words to fully describe the artwork of Sam Villareale, whose drawings help bring the stories of legendary lane man Len Nicholson to life. Here’s an opportunity to relive the top 60 moments in PBA history in both words and drawings – the words of a man who witnessed many of those moments and the drawings of a man whose talent spans several art genres. No bowling library is complete without this book”  – Bob Johnson, Senior Editor Bowlers Journal International

“The PBA Laneman, Lenny Nicholson, is a heck of a writer. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known and has a great recall of past events and the PBA players.

I’ve always wished those wonderful times of travel, competition and players stories could be told in book form. Lenny Nicholson has made my wish come true… twice! I can’t wait to see the illustrations from Sam. HURRY!!”  – Dave Davis, PBA and USBC Hall of Fame


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