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Storm Power Plus Bowling Glove


Storm Power Plus Bowling Glove

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Storm Power Plus Bowling Glove Features:

Storm is excited to expand upon the original Power Glove with the new POWER PLUS the ground-breaking 3-in-1 model which features four (up from three) different palm pads to perfectly customize your feel, adds a removable support bar to lock your wrist into position, and augments an elastic wrist wrap for complete support.

  • Durable Construction
  • 3-in-1 design that can be used:
  • With or without the metal support bar
  • With varying levels of tension on the velcro strap to customize feel
  • Adjusting foam pads, and all-new gripper pad, with varying thickness levels that change your release and ball roll
  • Long lasting construction

Inserts are removable and can be hand washed. Clean foam padding with a light amount of soap and damp rag.


1 review for Storm Power Plus Bowling Glove

  1. Francis (verified owner)

    I was excited to get this glove, after my last Storm glove wore out. After four bowling sessions, the palm pad base stitching came unraveled and the pad base started to fall off. The metal plate is light gauge and will not hold it’s shape. I bent it to the degree of angle I wanted, but after a couple shots, it had flattened out. Storm needs to include a heavier gauge steel plate with this glove. I’m hoping the stitching issue is limited to this one glove, since BowlerX is sending me a replacement under warranty. BowlerX gets five stars for their customer service in handling this issue.

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