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The System DVD by Mark Baker


The System DVD by Mark Baker


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The System by Mark Baker DVD Features:

Mark Baker’s coaching system is helping bowlers everywhere to throw the most consistent, powerful shots – and the best scores – of their lives. Now the system Mark uses to help bowlers is available for the first time on DVD. “The System” will teach you how to utilize video to see how many of Mark’s 10 Hall of Fame Positions you currently match, why they are so important, and what simple changes you can make to begin getting the most out of your bowling game.

*Bakers new DVD The System, expands on his book, The Game Changer, and brings it to life, so to speak, making it perhaps the best purchase a bowler seeking improvement could make short of actual in-person coaching from a top coach. The retired PBA Tour champion has become one of the world’s top coaches, best known for his research into what makes the best the best. Ultimately, he found what he believes are things that almost all of the best do and have done. The DVD lays out his system that features what he calls the 10 Hall of Fame positions. A couple surprised even a life-long bowling junkie like myself, and Baker explains how one of them was the key to turning Chris Barnes from a poor TV performer into a truly clutch TV performer: check Barnes record on TV the past couple of years. Some of the most interesting stuff is on spine tilt and finishing position. Watching the video makes me curious to see how I do in the 10 positions. I will be bugging a buddy to videotape me. I also like that Baker tells you what he thinks does NOT matter in becoming a better bowler. As he notes, much energy is spent in coaching things in specific ways that Hall of Famers show can be done successfully in many ways. To be fair to Baker, I’m not going to detail his system. If you want to know it, buy the book and/or DVD. It’s more than just an explanation of the system: It uses Hall of Famers Chris Barnes, Tommy Jones, Lynda Barnes and Barry Asher to show the facets of the system, as well as results when they are done right and results when they are done wrong. Baker also uses a non-professional bowler as an example in the same way, and I don’t think it can be stressed enough how valuable it is to see real-world examples of good and bad shots and why they happened, according to his analysis. Baker also lays out how to incorporate the points into your game, which is necessary for the DVD to be more than just interesting. One thing Baker does in the DVD that is very valuable is explaining exactly where to videotape bowlers to analyze them properly and consistently. I believe that with the DVD and the assistance of someone taping a bowler, they could improve on their own, not that they wouldn’t improve more and faster with proper coaching. The DVD is professionally done, with the assistance of Jason Thomas and Jef Goodger, who are best known for their work with PBA Xtra Frame. Thomas recently became the main video person for the United States Bowling Congress, filling the position Matt Lawson had occupied. *Courtesy of Jeff Richgels/11th Frame Bowling


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