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Track Heat Lava


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Light Oil

Easy Length with Continuous Backend Motion


2.50 (15lb)

.038 (15lb)


Modified Tri-Core

QR-7 Pearl

500/1000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish

Lava Sparkle


Mid Performance

Track Heat Lava

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Track Heat Lava Bowling Ball Features:

The Track Heat Lava is an updated version of the Heat for the new fall season. This ball uses the same Modified Tri-Core symmetrical weight block from the Heat, but it is surrounded by the stronger QR-7 Pearl coverstock. This more aggressive cover adds total hook compared to the original Heat, while the 500/1000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish box finish creates more length than the sanded Triton Elite.

The famous Heat line is expanding by one. The Heat Lava offers easy length through the front part of the lane, just like the original Heat, with increased motion from the midlane through the pins due to the beefed up QR-7 Pearl coverstock.

The QR series of coverstocks is known for creating a strong footprint to the lane surface.

The QR-7 Pearl is best suited for medium volume oil patterns. The polished finish, combined with the Modified Tri-Core, allows the Heat Lava to be a little more versatile than most balls. This allows it to perform extremely well on both medium and lighter oil patterns.

The Modified Tri-Core is a throwback to the core design found in the original Heat. Track has matched the RG perfectly to the original, while lowering the flare potential slightly to match up better with today’s stronger covers.

The medium RG, combined with the lower differential, provide the perfect core numbers for storing plenty of energy for the backend, while keeping its reaction predictable and consistent shot after shot.

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Posted by Diana Zavjalova on Thursday, July 11, 2019

2 reviews for Track Heat Lava

  1. Bob Newman

    Really nice addition to the Heat line. The Lava for me is a little faster and smoother than the Ultra Heat but still has that hitting power through the pins. This ball clears the heads easily then has a nice smooth arc for a pearl cover. The lower RG has reduced the flare potential so it is more predictable shot to shot.


    The Track Lava Heat is a ball motion I was missing in my bag, and I think is going to get a lot of play on a variety of patterns.

    The Lava Heat is the perfect marriage, combining the QR-7 pearl coverstock used in the Cyborg Pearl with the Heat core. This creates a ball motion that is not as angular as something like the Cyborg Pearl, but has more teeth than any of the polished balls in the Heat series (Heat, Ultra Heat). For me, I see a motion that is going to be valuable on house shots and sport shots in the 36-40’ range or in transition.

    The Heat Xtreme is one of my ATF balls, and I have a feeling that the Lava Heat is going to follow right alongside.

    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

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