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Track In2ition


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Easy Length with Strong Backend Motion


2.48 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)

.015 (15lb)



Prime DT Pearl




High Performance

Track In2ition

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Track Intuition Bowling Ball Features:

The In2ition is the newest ball to join Track’s High Performance line, and it features a brand new core and coverstock. It uses the newly-designed X-Type asymmetrical core design, providing a low RG and high flare potential. This core is wrapped in the new Prime DT Pearl cover. In testing, the In2ition cleared the front easily, picked up very heavily in the middle of the lane, and still offered a big move at the breakpoint. Once this ball makes its move left, it just keeps going.

At Track, they continue to push the envelope in core and coverstock technology. The In2ition features the perfect core and coverstock combination to showcase that philosophy. By combining the brand new X-Type core with their improved Prime DT Pearl coverstock, Track has created something truly unique and provides ball motion the competition will be chasing.

Prime DT (Delayed Traction) is the latest version of the successful Prime Coverstock. Track tasked their chemists to develop a high performance veneer which would delay traction through the front and midlane, while increasing traction throughout the backend of the lane. To achieve this, they developed a new additive that modified the peaks and valleys of their Prime Coverstock in such a manner that allows the In2ition to produce exactly what they requested.

Track wanted to create a low RG, asymmetric core design unlike any other. By separating mass spatially along the pin axis, they were able to create higher RG characteristics, while maintaining the low RG design intent. Doing so creates a constant state of mild core instability throughout the entire lane, enhancing the In2ition’s reaction at the backend of the lane.

in2ition hoodie hat package

2 reviews for Track In2ition

  1. Dave Han

    The Track In2ition has a powerful mid lane motion and perhaps the strongest continuation of any high performance of any EBI ball I have thrown.

    The mid lane motion is reminiscent of the Paradox series – very strong and defined. However, the continuation through the pins seems like there is a motor inside this ball. The In2ition just keeps going and going…on a house shot – even with a layout to get the ball to stand up more – I had to give the ball enough room so that I wouldn’t leave solid 9-pins because the ball just goes through the pins so strong.

    I look forward to getting the In2ition on a sport shot to see how it handles a flatter pattern. However, the Track In2ition is expected to be a fine addition to my tournament bag.
    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

  2. Bob Newman

    I drilled my new High Performance Track In2ition the same time I drilled my Columbia 300 Baller. I threw the Baller first. All the talk was how much the Baller hooked. So I moved a few right I was surprised to see my shot go brooklyn. By the time I was done adjusting the In2ition had a good 4 and 2 more lane coverage. The Baller definitely reads earlier but the In2ition has a much stronger change of direction. The head pin was flying off the left wall. If I can get it near the pocket the carry is very good. I kinda expected to jump into this ball later in the night, but it turns out it’s a starter. 🙂 Oh yeah, Track has a deal for a free Hoodie and Hat with purchase.

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