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Track Kinetic Obsidian Bowling Ball



Solid Reactive


Mid Performance

Medium to Heavy Oil

Black Obsidian

Modified Kinetic

DR-7 Solid

.038 (15lb)

500/2000 Abralon

.005 (15lb)

2.49 (15lb)

Strong Midlane and Backend Reaction



Track Kinetic Obsidian Bowling Ball

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Track Kinetic Obsidian Bowling Ball Features:

Track has improved their famous Kinetic series of bowling balls once again. The Kinetic Obsidian uses a Modified Kinetic core, combined with a solid version of the DR-7 coverstock. The combination of the two provides excellent traction in the midlane with an aggressive change of direction at the backend of the lane. This is perfect for medium to heavy oil patterns.

DR-7 Solid: The DR (Delayed Reaction) series of coverstocks are typically used in conjunction with a polished finish. The combination of the two produce great length with a strong reaction at the backend of the lane. For the first time, Track is offering this cover in a solid version with a sanded finish. by doing so, they have created the strong midlane reaction expected from the sanded finish, while enhancing the reaction at the breakpoint due to the inherent chemistry of the DR series.

Modified Kinetic: The Modified Kinetic Core is one of several popular cores in the Track brand. This low RG medium differential and low MB core stores energy longer and responds quicker to friction compared to Track’s other mid performance cores.

1 review for Track Kinetic Obsidian Bowling Ball

  1. Dave Han

    Track keeps hitting home runs with each new release in 2019, and the Kinetic Obsidian is no exception. I have absolutely fallen in love with the ball motion of this ball!!!

    The Kinetic series in general, has given me great mid-lane strength for the mid performance price point, which really helps me to get my ball into a roll sooner. However, the Obsidian coverstock seems to resemble the Paradox Red coverstock – that it is getting through the mid-lane cleaner than other balls in its series – and is very angular in the backend. Compared to the Triton Elite, the Obsidian will provide more backend motion…and it without question, a great replacement for the Kinetic Ruby.

    Whether on THS or a medium sport shot, the Kinetic Obsidian is going to get you a great motion to and through the pins. With balls like all these that have come out this year, I am so proud to represent this brand!

    Dave Han
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

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