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Track Kinetic Platinum Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil



2.48 (15lb)

.040 (15lb)

.006 (15lb)



DR-7 Pearl

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



Mid Performance

Track Kinetic Platinum Bowling Ball

(12 customer reviews)


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Track Kinetic Platinum Bowling Ball Features:

Familiar cores and covers have always been important to the Track Bowling following. The Track Bowling brand has had stable lines, like the Kinetic, for a very long time. The Kinetic is a line that is synonymous with performance, versatility, and the Track Bowling bowler knows what they’re getting when they purchase a ball from the Kinetic series. This Kinetic Platinum has it all, the proven Shuttle core with DR-7 Pearl coverstock and a one-color platinum color that is gorgeous to look at. The Kinetic Platinum will be a perfect step down from the Proof and Strata lines of balls and rounds-out any players’ arsenal on medium oil where a skid-flip reaction is needed.

12 reviews for Track Kinetic Platinum Bowling Ball

  1. Dave Han

    The Track Kinetic Platinum carries on the great tradition of the Kinetic line and is going to be a great ball in your bag for both league and sport patterns.

    Mine is drilled 55×3.75×25 and provides a really nice skid/flip motion. So far, I’ve been able to use this on a 40’ sport pattern and two different house shots. The Kinetic Platinum provides the kind of motion you need when the lanes start to get beat up in the fronts. In a side-by-side comparison with the Kinetic Amethyst and Emeralds, the Platinum is definitely a bigger motion than the Amethyst – both earlier and stronger in the backend. It compares well with the Emerald, but maybe not quite as strong in the backend – so it’s a really good in-between skid/flip motion.

    If skip/flip is what you need from your ball motion, and the lanes are transitioning away from your Black Widow 2.0 or another solid/hybrid cover, the Kinetic Platinum is going to be a really good friend to you on the lanes!

    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

  2. Chuck Wallace

    can’t say enough great things about this ball!! If you are looking for something to play the lanes straighter with or even if you want to get inside and wheel on it, this is the ball, this ball will recover from any part of the lane and blend out the wet dry like no other! If you don’t have one in your bag GET ONE

    Chuck W.
    Brunswick regional staffer

  3. Tom Marlow

    If you were a fan of the kinetic line. You will not be disappointed with this one This one reminds me a lot of the emerald kinetic for me it was a little sooner than the emerald and still had that strong Continuous finish on the backend. I drilled mine 20x4x40.

  4. David Varner

    Full disclosure the kinetic line has probably been my favorite in years. The kinetic platinum instantly found a spot in my bag then quickly earned it. Just like the the pearl kinetics from the past this ball offers easy length and a strong continuous back end motion. I seem to gravitate to this ball when everything I had just goes away and this ball always finds a way to blend the lane and get me back in play. At the price point I would put this ball up against anything on its category. The platinum compliments a bag with a strata and proof hybrid perfectly to give you a great look at the end of a block or league.

  5. Cesar Benavides

    This ball is clean and continuous through the pins. I can see myself using this ball more often than not. The ball also looks good going down the lane and is easy to read from front to back.

  6. Kevin Nagasawa

    All You Kinetic Fans Track Created Another Winner That Every Track Fan Must Own…This Kinetic Platinum Not Only Is A Great Ball To Have In Your Bag It Will Be Great For League But Tournaments As Well! Medium House Shots Are Great For This Ball… You Will Definitely Get The Length Down lane And Will Definitely Drive Through The Pins… This Ball Definitely Like A Little Bit Of Friction So You Are Able To Move Left And Play Tighter Lines To The Pocket With This Ball And A Very Versatile Ball For All Angles And All Types Of Bowlers And Rev Rate! The Color Appeal Of This Ball Is Also Worth Looking Into So Please Visit Your Local Pro Shop Today And Buy One You Wont Be Disappointed!

  7. Sal B

    The Kinetic Platinum provides the length and likes the friction down lane. Great for med oil house shots. Def a must in your bag.

  8. Christopher Doerr

    70 x 3 ¾ x 20 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    I really loved the Kinetic line and have a different color scheme is awesome. The silver color has great shelf appeal and the performance does not disappoint at all. Clean through the fronts and stores a strong angular reaction for the end. This one would be best suited for medium lane conditions with this layout because it does have good length. It can also be used for when the fronts start to dry up and the transition starts during league.

  9. Jay H.

    Track Kinetic Platinum review …. clean BUT unexpected hooook! Tolerant to medium volumes of oil but does reach its limit. You will want this in your bag. When conditions are right it is soooo choice! Life is good Under the Crown!!

  10. TQ N.

    A must have for mid to light oil lanes! This piece allows me to play all angles. I can play it up 10 and I can get left and wheel it from 30- 5 with no problem getting back to the pocket! Definitely a gem to have

  11. Michael Romero

    The Kinetic Platinum is a good medium length/volume pattern ball! Great for house shots and a good transition tournament ball. Clears the front part of the lane with ease and gives a decent midlane read and responds perfectly at the backend of the lane. Strong and continuous through the pins! I have mine layed out 60 x 4.5 x 30.

  12. Petro

    The Kinetic Platinum uses DynamiCore. This ball for me has been used for drier conditions for the need of getting length without jeopardizing hitting power. A great ball for later blocks.

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