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Track Latitude Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium Oil

Strong Midlane and Backend Continuation


2.511 (15lb)

.045 (15lb)



QR8 Solid

500, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad

Dark Purple/Light Purple


Mid Performance

Track Latitude Bowling Ball

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Track Latitude Bowling Ball Features:

The Latitude is everything you want in a symmetric, solid bowling ball. The combination of proven technology in the Track Bowling line makes the Latitude a perfect benchmark ball. The MC2 core shape found in the Triton Elite is used in the Latitude with slight modifications to the density that produce a slightly higher RG and Differential. The Latitude is the type of ball that every style of bowler will want to have in their bag for its versatility and reliability on just about any given condition.

6 reviews for Track Latitude Bowling Ball

  1. Chris Walden

    Phenomenal Symmetrical solid from Track. This thing is extremely smooth and strong, with a 70 x 4.25 x 25, it gets down lane with plenty in the back to finish in the middle of the 8-9. I’ve used it on multiple
    Lane conditions and houses, and consistency is what this represents ! Get yours on March 19th!

  2. Larry Fricker Jr

    Great first release from Track under the Brunswick family. This Symmetrical solid ball really reminds me of the Triton Elite with more length and cleaner backend. Definitely a great benchmark ball to start your night off with.

  3. Joseph Petrovich

    The Latitude features the QRB solid reactive cover stock finished at 500/3000 Siaair Micro Pad. This formulation will provide a true “benchmark” read on the lanes – very versatile for different conditions.

    Combined with the MC2 symmetric core, as previously seen in the Triton Elite (with some modifications in density), the Latitude will help you control your game and set you up properly to take the pins down.
    I have used this ball in league. Very predictable through out the lane. Was able to use it for the entire night with some small adjustments without giving up the hitting power. Definitely a keeper for all types of lane conditions

  4. Dave Han

    Coming from the Brunswick factory, the Track Latitude is labeled a benchmark ball and a ball designed to most closely resemble the Track Triton Elite. Those looking for a benchmark solid, I don’t believe you’re going to be disappointed with the performance of this ball.

    Mine was laid out 90x2x45. We decided on the shorter pin layout because the Triton Elite (70×3.75×20) is still very much a part of my arsenal. The shorter pin permits me to navigate the wet/dry I can find on many THS and some sport shots. The coverstock is definitely stronger/earlier in comparison to the Triton Elite – and the cover/core combination – I believe creates a bigger overall motion. Even with the short pin layout, I am not lacking backend motion with this ball.

    I would recommend your favorite layout on this ball – and for most patterns – the Latitude could be the first ball out of your bag to benchmark the lane conditions for you.

    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

  5. Jim Petzel

    The Latitude is the newest Mid Performance release from Track. The Latitude reminds me of a Triton Elite shape wise but with 3-4 more boards of overall hook. I will use the Latitude when I’m bowling on some dry-medium lanes or shorter patterns with lots of backends.

  6. Bob Newman

    Was able to get a few games in before we had the virus shutdowns. The Track Latitude Solid made the Beaten Path oil pattern look very easy. This Ball has easy length and a very smooth motion that makes moving during transition easy. The core is the same as the Track Triton Élite with a little stronger cover. This is a nice first benchmark type ball from Track at the new facility. A ball like this should be in everyone’s arsenal.

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