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Track Paragon Hybrid Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Length with strong backend


2.486 (15lb)

.056 (15lb)

0.015 (15lb)


I -Core 3.0

QR-11 Hybrid

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



High Performance

Track Paragon Hybrid Bowling Ball

(4 customer reviews)


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Track Paragon Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:

The Track Paragon has been a go-to for anyone needing more hook in oil. The ball is a hook monster but doesn’t quit, and bowlers have loved its ball motion. The Paragon Hybrid is the perfect follow-up, providing Track Bowling Fans with a ball to transition to when the Paragon is too much hook. The Paragon Hybrid utilizes the same I-Core 3.0 shape and a hybrid version of QR-11. The pearl additive and 1500 grit finish with Crown Factory Compound pushes the Paragon Hybrid further down the lane, giving it a more angular entry angle, perfect for medium to heavy conditions.


4 reviews for Track Paragon Hybrid Bowling Ball

  1. Daniel

    Brunswick has been making great hybrid covers and this is no exception. This ball rolls similarly to the old Track Paradox Black. The large asymmetrical differential and hybrid cover gives it very strong, yet controllable hook shape. The DynamiCore feature gives it really nice hitting power and pin carry. Looks pretty going down the lane too!

  2. Bob Newman

    I am quickly becoming a fan of my Track Paragon Hybrid. This ball, even with some pearl in the coverstock and factory compound over the top still picks up in the oil for me. I bowl my league on a wet/dry condition and I generally can’t throw anything shiny. If I get it right, it jumps and if I get it in it won’t finish. This ball reads in the oil for me and gets back to the pocket and strikes. This will be a nice piece to add to the arsenal. It has a similar strong rounded shape to the Paragon Solid just with more length. The Purple, Silver and Yellow script on this ball really pop going down the lane too.

  3. Dave Han

    The Track Paragon Hybrid is a fantastic rolling asymmetric ball that perfectly compliments the Paragon solid.

    Mine is drilled 65x4x65, which put the pin down below my ring finger. This layout gives me a excellent arc-motion that reads the lane great, but still packs a powerful punch through the pins. I’ve used this for both house and spot patterns, and the ball is quite continuous on everywhere I’ve thrown it. A pin up layout would likely increase its backend motion playing the middle of the lane, and likely stronger than any other ball of this type to date I’ve used.

    The Track Paragon Hybrid has proven already to be quite versatile and will be in my bag for both house as well as most sport patterns.

    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

  4. Bryan Williams, PBA Member and DV8 Pro Staff

    All This Power…Now in a Hybrid!
    The new Track Paragon Hybrid…..all I can say is just WOW!!! Every ball manufacturer comes out with “that” ball which is just beyond amazing. The new Track Paragon Hybrid is that ball! Besides this ball looking incredible rolling down the lane, this ball complements the original Track Paragon exceptionally well. Although this ball has a pearl coverstock, this ball gives any bowler ball motion through oil. Like most hybrids, the Paragon Hybrid blends the lanes conditions to provide bowlers with a consistent ballmotion shape and motion through the pins. The original Paragon, I drilled pin down to ensure the ball gets into its roll sooner through heavier oil conditions. The new ParagonHybrid I drilled the pin in the ring finger. This layout allows for a VERY predictable and smooth roll on any condition that is very controllable. This ball will give more length than the original Paragon, but still gives you incredible hitting power through the pins. If you are a fan of the original Track Paragon, then the new Track Paragon Hybrid is a great complement to the original. Check out a new Track Paragon Hybrid at your local pro shop try out one of the newest and hottest balls on the market today

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