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Track Proof Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane and Backend Continuation


2.519 (15lb)

.052 (15lb)

.020 (15lb)



Prime Response

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad



Mid Performance

Track Proof Bowling Ball

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Track Proof Bowling Ball Features:

The Proof is a new high-performance release with possibly the strongest core numbers ever in this category and an updated Prime cover that will get Track Bowling fans excited. The Proof is very strong and continuous and surprised our testers because it is usable for a long time and does not seem to want to quit, despite the strong core, cover, and finish combination.

13 reviews for Track Proof Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Newman

    The Track Proof is a very nice re-start for Track at the new plant. It is a strong, solid, asymmetric ball. It picks up in the mid lane and has a strong change of direction. It reads the friction very well and picks up just enough in the oil to get the job done. The black and blue cover and sky-blue writing look great. I was able to throw it along side the Ebonite Omni and they both rolled really well. The Track Proof is slightly longer and slightly less angular. Threw the Proof in league last night a squeezed out a low 700. As strong as it is in oil it will go straight into my tournament arsenal.

  2. Larry Fricker Jr

    The Track Proof is a great start to Tracks first release with the Brunswick Family. The Proof is a very strong asymmetrical solid ball with controlled backend but also will handle heavy volumes really well too. Definitely a piece you will want in your tournament or league arsenal.

  3. Joseph Petrovich

    Nothing but good things to say about the New Track Proof. The new Track Proof features a newly updated Prime solid coverstock, the Prime Response. Finished at 500/2000 Siaair Micro Pad, this ball has continuation for days. Personally I have had the benefit to throw this gem. Very Predictable throughout the entire length of the lane. You will not be disappointed

  4. David Varner

    Tracks first release under the big b umbrella didn’t disappoint. The big numbers on this asym are slightly misleading because even though it digs in on the higher volume/longer patterns it’s not quick to jump on the friction giving you a great option to control the backend of the lane. The proof is a very versatile option and will quickly earn its spot in you bag!

  5. Dave Han

    The Track Proof is the first high performance ball made by Brunswick and I must say I’m impressed. The coverstock/core combination in this ball handles oil very well, and as lanes transition and moving deeper is needed, does not seem to lose energy as quickly as other high performance solids.

    Mine is drilled 15x4x35, which is the same layout we put on my Prism Hybrid. For me, this layout permits the ball to get down the lane and store energy well. I realized after a couple uses how the solid coverstock doesn’t seem to “burn up” as quickly as the lanes dry out. That quality reminds me of throwing the Track Tactix for the first time – but this is a stronger ball.

    Obviously, the longer you can stay with one ball the better. If you need a high-end ball that can get you through all 3 games on an oily house shot (with appropriate lane moves), then the Track Proof may be the ball for you.

    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

  6. Jim Petzel

    The Proof is the newest Upper-Mid performance release from Track. I think of this ball as having a “Web Tour shape” but for heavier and longer oil patterns. It is smooth but strong but not so strong that it can’t be used when there is friction. The Proof will be a benchmark ball for me and the first ball out of my bag on most patterns.

  7. Zack

    The new Track Proof is a great asymmetrical piece to have in your bag. The cover and core of this ball is a great combo for an outstanding blending ball motion throughout the whole part of the lane. I drilled my Proof a 1 inch pin from my PAP for a roll type of ball motion instead of a high back end ball motion. My PAP is 4 1/8 Up and 1 1/2 Right, the layout of the Proof is great for almost any lane conditions.

  8. Dway

    After a few shots I got to test with the Track Proof, I was very impressed of not only the smoothness ball motion through the fronts, but also the angular reaction and continuous movement the core and coverstock makes in the back part of the lane. This seems to be the coverstock that allows you to play in heavy oil and wet/dry conditions, but not in the dryer conditions so much. It is a great block starter and benchmark all in one. This is a very favorable ball for my arsenal roster and has instantly become one of my favorites as one of the first releases of the new and improved Track brand. Layout used on this ball is 65 x 3.75 x 20, in which gives me a great angular/continuous ball motion that favors my rev-dominant game.

  9. Bob moran

    Strong smooth and continuous all come to mind after throwing this ball. Going to be the first ball out of my bag for sure. Very versatile as I’m able to just keep moving left as needed and still drive through the pins

  10. Christina L.

    I decided to drill this ball 65x4x25, which is my max flip layout. I am an average rev/speed bowler and had no problem getting this ball to come back and carry. It has a ton of continuation and is designed to read the midlane.

    I can definitely see this ball as the first one out of the bag to help gauge what the pattern is doing. It is strong without being jumpy on the backend. If I was going to be using it on heavy oil with my stats I would consider an earlier revving layout to help me get the ball moving a bit sooner. The max flip layout is perfect for medium conditions for those of us who have average revs and speed. Very impressed so far and I plan on putting this ball in my tournament bag.

    Christina L.
    Regional Staffer
    Radical Bowling Technologies

  11. Mike Romero

    Looking for the first ball out of your bag or a benchmark ball, look no further than the Track Proof. This is an ideal ball to start league or tournament with and the ball witl allow you to move through the transition without having to change balls or until mid/late block. For me, this ball has a strong midlane read but a continuous motion into the pins with lots of energy, definitely threw the pins around quite a bit. Drilled it 60 x 5 x 30. 

  12. Christopher D

    50 x 4 ½ x 75 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    This proof is a lot of ball for your buck. My pin down layout really smooths out the entire reaction. I get a great midlane roll and plenty of backend reaction to make anyone happy. Straight out of the box and a great reaction with no surface changes needed. It was instantly a favorite of mine because of the motion this ball shows on the lanes.

  13. Manny Castillo

    I’m really enjoying rolling my Proof! Surprisingly I feel it’s very clean through the fronts while reading the mid lane enough for me. It has a very eye catching backend motion but not too jumpy off the spot. One of the first balls out of my bag.

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