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Track Proof Hybrid Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Medium Heavy Oil

Good Length with Slightly Angular Backend Motion


2.519 (15lb)

.052 (15lb)

.020 (15lb)



Prime Response Hybrid

500, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad



Mid Performance

Track Proof Hybrid Bowling Ball

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Track Proof Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:

The Proof Solid and Proof Pearl have been excellent performing balls on the lanes for Track fans this last year; the response to these two have been great from every type of bowler. The Proof Hybrid combines the best elements of these two successful balls into one great ball. The Proof Hybrid might be the only ball that will get Track fans to put their original Proof balls down.

The Proof Hybrid uses DynamiCore – the industry leading innovation in outer core technology developed by Brunswick Bowling Products. This leap in bowling ball technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry.

12 reviews for Track Proof Hybrid Bowling Ball

  1. Joseph Petrovich

    Track Proof Hybrid
    Whoop Whoop The Proof Hybrid uses DynamiCore – the industry leading innovation in outer core technology developed by Brunswick Bowling Products. This leap in bowling ball technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry.
    I had the chance to this ball on the Earl Anthony 43’ pattern. The ball is drilled 50x 5.5 x 30. This ball looks really good and controllable throughout the entire length of the lane. The way that is travels through the pin deck is another bonus. Boy it drives through it. This patten can be a bit tricky at times. I had made it look pretty easy with the reaction that I was getting out of the ball. It is a must in my arsenal.
    Contact your local Pro Shop and get yours on order 😊

  2. Dave Han

    The Track Proof Hybrid was a surprise to me. I expected it to just be something in between the Proof solid and pearl, but the same general roll.

    Mine is drilled 80x4x30 (compare to 70×3.75×20 for solid and pearl). Out of box finish is 500/3000 and no polish. What was surprising to me was, for me, it will not nearly as angular as the solid and pearl. It was earlier and more predictable. On THS, I prefer more predictable rolls that do not overreact to the dry but doesn’t sail through the puddle, either. I was very pleased with this motion and the resulting continuation. I haven’t had a chance to see it on a sport shot, but I anticipate the Proof Hybrid getting more use on sport than the solid or pearl have for me. Highly recommended for all-purpose play.

    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

  3. Bob Newman

    I was able to throw new Track Proof Hybrid on house shot and the very difficult Earl Anthony PBA pattern this past week. On house shot it was cleaner thru the front of the lane than the Proof Solid and much more angular when it read the friction creating a bigger overall shape than the Solid or the Pearl versions. On the Earl Anthony sport shot it fit right in between the pearl and solid. It created a very nice shape and was a good drop down ball when the shot started to have some play. Very nice ball for the arsenal.

  4. Bob Moran

    The new Proof Hybrid takes the best elements from the solid and pearl versions to make an excellent hybrid. Paired with the solid an pearl this fits right in between to make an excellent 3 ball combo

  5. Jim

    The Proof Hybrid is very clean through the front part of the lane and provides me with a lots of continuation through the pins. I put one of my favorite smooth/control drillings on this ball with the pin in the middle finger.

    I have the same drilling on a Tyrant, Paradox Red and Prism Warp solid and I use those balls on heavier and longer oil patterns. The Proof Hybrid provides me the same control shape as those balls but is for lower/medium volumes or after many games are bowled and those balls hook too early.

    I would recommend a Proof Hybrid to anyone who needs something for medium/lighter volumes or later in blocks when you need the ball to clear the fronts better but still save energy to roll through the pins strong.

  6. Dominic


  7. Tom Marlow

    The track Proof Hybrid is the missing piece between the solid and Pearl. When the solid is hooking too early and the pearl is going way too long before it turns over this is a ball it will go perfectly in between them. I drilled mine 45x4x35. I get great length from this ball with a Nice continuation on the back and I really goes through the pins really well. This is one of those balls that can be in both your tournament bag for patterns and your league bag.

  8. TheHopeDiamond22

    This one caught me by surprise. With teeth on the outside. Proof Hybrid is money! For a 3k finish Proof Hybrid is super easy through the front part of the lane but digs in the mid. Very strong shape at the breakpoint. As the Proof burns up or is to early. This is an absolute perfect ball down to keep you in play. Hitting power is very good even at shots missed out. My hold room left and right is bigger with the Hybrid overall. Together with all 3 Proofs you’ll have everything covered.

  9. Kevin Nagasawa

    All You Proof Fans… You Definitely Want To Get This Ball In Your Bag…Not Only Is The Bowling Ball Amazing To Look At With The Color And Even Sparkle.. If You Were A Fan Of The Proof Solid And Proof Pearl You Will Definitely Love This Ball… I Have Found This Ball To Be Right In Between The Two Proof Bowling Balls.. You Get The Smooth Down Lane Motion And Still Get The Back End Drive As The Pearl Would! So Length And Backend Really Makes This Ball Very Versatile For All Types Of Bowlers.. I Was Able To Play Straight Up The Boards Or Even Move Left And Play A Tight Inside Line And Still Drove Through The Pins! Make Sure To Go Visit Your Local Pro Shop And Get This Ball Today! This Ball Will Definitely Be A Great House Shot And Tournament Ball IN Your Bag You Wont Be Disappointed!

  10. Christopher Doerr

    70 x 3 ¾ x 25 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    I get good clean length out of this ball and layout combination. The red color of this ball looks great going down the lane if you like those darker colored bowling balls. The original proof is one of my favorite balls and this one compliments it really well. When the original proof is too early, then this ball compliments it very well. It goes a little further down the lane and more angularity off the spot down lane.

  11. Christina L.

    Bowler Stats: PAP 4 over 3/4 up, 18 degrees tilt, 275 revs, 14.5 mph

    The Proof Hybrid is designed to fill the gap between the Proof Solid and Proof Pearl. I would be most comfortable using this ball on medium oil conditions, or lanes that are starting to transition and dry out. Compared to the Proof Solid, I found the Hybrid to go a touch longer and be a little more angular. I have not had the opportunity to throw the Proof Pearl, but from what I see the Pearl will provide additional length and a sharper backend motion than the Hybrid. The hybrid cover of this ball ensured that I did not have to worry about the jumpiness I sometimes see on the backend due to my lower ball speed. If you are comfortable with keeping your angles open, this ball will be a great addition to your arsenal.

  12. Daniel Miyamoto

    This great looking ball complements the Proof Solid I have very well. It is more angular, and has great continuation through the pins due to the large intermediate differential.

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