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Track Proof Pearl Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil

Good Length with Strong Backend Motion


2.519 (15lb)

.052 (15lb)

.020 (15lb)



Prime Response Pearl


Black/Smoke Pearl


Mid Performance

Track Proof Pearl Bowling Ball

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Track Proof Pearl Bowling Ball Features:

It’s been a long-time since we’ve tested a ball like the Proof. A ball that looked great for everyone regardless of style and bowlers all over the world have confirmed this. While the Proof is known as a great ball, we are excited to follow it up with the Proof Pearl, a shiny version that gives you the same great reaction, that’s intended for more medium oil lane conditions.

8 reviews for Track Proof Pearl Bowling Ball

  1. Dave Han

    The Track Proof Pearl is exactly what you’d expect, if you have rolled the Proof solid.

    I have my Proof Pearl drilled 50×4.5×35, specifically so it would stand out as a different ball motion from my other high end pearls (Results, Conspiracy Theory), and it does not disappoint. With this layout, I get the same lane play and motion that I get from my Proof solid, but is cleaner through the front part of the lane. The mid lane motion is very nice, not over reactive, and the continuation is good – although not quite as strong as the Results.

    If you love the Proof solid like I do, you’re going to be thrilled for this companion ball. Especially for playing that shim on house shots, I could see this ball putting up some big numbers for a lot of people. Don’t let this one fall through the cracks!

    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

  2. Larry Fricker Jr

    I was waiting for the Pearl version of the Proof to be released and it does not disappoint. The pearl is a few boards longer and cleaner down lane then the solid with a nice kick on the backend . When the Proof solid starts burning up this will be a great ball to switch too without moving too much with your feet. Definitely a great ball to add to your tournament bag.

  3. Bob Newman

    This ball does exactly what it was designed for. It gives you a step down ball from the Proof Solid while maintaining the same shape and hitting power. For me the Pearl is about 3-4 boards with my feet weaker than the solid. It pearl cover will allow you to clear the transitioning heads easier, give you a bit more length before it reads the friction. I think I’m going to like this version as much as the solid.

  4. Jim

    The Proof pearl is the perfect compliment to the Proof. The Proof pearl has the same predictable, smooth shape as the Proof and will be used once the fronts start hooking too much/early for the Proof solid. The Proof pearl will get through the fronts and save energy better when the Proof gets too lazy down lane.

  5. Tim Martin

    Drilled my Proof Pearl with a 50,4”, 35 layout. I which gave me a really predictable but strong ball reaction. The ball is very similar to my Radical Conspiracy Pearl, which is what I had hoped for.

  6. Ryne Hamblin

    For as asym pearl I love how well this ball still reads the midlane and rolls smoother off the spot than I expected in a good way. Its been more usable later than day than I expected because of that and still rolls great on the fresh, for a bigger pearl I love how easily it is to see the ball enter all 3 phases of motion and the hitting power has been very good. The proof series as a whole is under rated, don’t sleep on this one as a very useful asym pearl.

  7. Gabriel Yanes

    Drilled my Proof Pearl with a 50 x 4 x30 layout. Which gave me a really predictable but strong ball reaction. I put this particular pattern on my equipment so I can move further inside being able to play as deep as 30 throwing the ball out to my breakpoint and still the recovery I need to hit the pocket. This ball is a must have in your tournament or league arsenal.

  8. Christopher Doerr

    70 x 3 ¾ x 20 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    The Proof pearl colors remind me on the cyborg pearl color scheme. Great skid flip ball and this Proof line will not disappoint no matter whether you have 1 or all 3 because they are versatile and complement each other as the lanes transition. The proof line has a great price point and you get great performance.

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