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Track Strata Hybrid Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Good Length with Strong Backend Motion


2.475 (15lb)

.050 (15lb)

.017 (15lb)



QR-11 Hybrid




High Performance

Track Strata Hybrid Bowling Ball

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Track Strata Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:

The Strata has been so good for Track Bowling this year; anyone needing a big hooking ball that drilled one loved it. We heard a lot about how continuous the Strata was even though it tractions so much in the oil. Now Track has created the Strata Hybrid to compliment the original Strata and the Proof line. The higher intermediate numbers and the shiny hybrid shell produce a big change of direction when it exits the pattern. Track Bowling fans will be ecstatic to add this big core, polished hybrid to their arsenal.

13 reviews for Track Strata Hybrid Bowling Ball

  1. B. Newman

    The Track Strata Hybrid will be a nice compliment to the Strata Solid. Still has that big strong core. The cover is 2 parts pearl, 1 part solid. Then they finished it with 500 Siaair and added a compound and polish. It is very clean through the front part of the lane, but still has that big strong move you expect from the Strata line. It is a little cleaner and a little more angular than the Track Proof Hybrid. Track is coming up with a very nice lineup.

  2. Tom Marlow

    The new Strata Hybrid is here.

    Strata Hybrid Will be a perfect complement to the original Strata. When the strata starts hooking way too early and burning out on the back that’s when you grab the strata hybrid. It will go through the front of the lane very clean and give you a nice continuous motion on the backend.

    This ball has DOT so you can drill it anywhere and it has dynamic core. The surface out of box is 500, with compound and factory finish polish.

  3. Dave H.

    The Track Strata Hybrid, much like the Proof Hybrid, gave me an unexpectedly different look from the Strata solid.

    Mine was drilled 45x4x25, same as my solid, so my expectation between the hybrid cover and the polish would be cleaner through the front and perhaps a bit more backend. However, what I got was a smoother, more forward rolling ball. I’ve had a chance to use it on both house and tournament conditions, and the readability and response is really, really good.

    When I need to have a ball that is really readable but stronger than my Proof Hybrid, the Strata Hybrid will be my go to ball. I recommend this ball for all THS and med/long sport patterns.

    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

  4. Bob M.

    Perfect compliment to the original Strata. Same exact core only this time wrapped in a hybrid cover providing more length while still providing a good midlane read and more pop off the end of the pattern. When that Strata becomes a bit too early the hybrid will be the perfect ball down to continue striking

  5. Derek K.

    Speed: 17.9
    RPM: 480
    PAP: 5 7/8 RT x 2 1/4 DN
    No-thumb, one league per week, tournaments when I can. Tremendous slouch.

    Length with backend, easy step down from Strata Solid.

    The Strata has been so good for Track this year; anyone needing a big hooking ball that drilled one loved it.  We heard a lot about how continuous the Strata was even though it tractions so much in the oil.  Now Track has created the Strata Hybrid to compliment the original Strata and the Proof line.  The higher intermediate numbers and the shiny QR-11 hybrid shell produce a big change of direction when it exits the pattern.  Track Fans will be ecstatic to add the big core (Strata asymmetric), polished hybrid to their arsenal. As with the Strata Solid, the Strata Hybrid also has the addition of DynamiCore for extra hitting power and Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) for worry free drilling with your favorite layout, which are always added benefits to help us get higher scores.

    The Strata Hybrid has an out of box surface of 500 followed with Crown Factory Compound and finished with Crown Factory Polish. Matching the core/cover combination with the layout of 35x5x50 gives me the exact ball reaction that Track Bowling has intended for medium to heavy oil patterns, length with backend. When I’m rolling the Strata Solid and I find it reading the heads and mid lane too early the Strata Hybrid is an easy choice to switch to.

    I like when ball manufacturers continue a ball line and use similar color schemes and Track really nailed it so far with the Strata line. Sapphire/Black/Smoke actually improves on one of the best looking balls on the market just like the performance of the Strata Hybrid improves upon the Strata Solid.

    Be well, rip racks …and shred pins.

  6. Kevin Nagasawa

    All Of You Strata Fans This New Track Strata Hybrid Bowling Ball Is Definitely One You Want To Add To Your Bowling Arsenal… Definitely A Great Compliment To The Strata Solid…When The Strata Solid Reads To Quickly Off The Spot Then The Strata Hybrid Definitely Will Get Father Down The Lane And Still Have The Same Impact On The Back Part Of The Lane And Drive Through The Pins! I Did Have To Tweak The Cover Stock Just A Little By Adding A Little Bit Of 2000 Grit Surface As My Rev Rate Is Not The Strongest Compared To Others.. But By Adding That Little Bit Of Surface Gave My Ball Motion Alot Better Reaction And Drove Through The Pins Harder And Kicked Out The Corners Easier… Can Definitely Start With This Ball ON the Fresh House Shot And Move Left As The Night Progress And Transition Hits…This Ball Is Very Versatile Playing Straight Up The Boards Or Swinging The Ball From Inside And Still Saves Enough Energy To Get Through The Pins… Definitely One Of My Favorite Hybrids That I Have Thrown And Drilled Up Recently Gives Me Alot More Versatility On The Lanes… Definitely Need TO Go To Your Local Pro Shop And Purchase One Today!

  7. BJ

    The Track Strata Hybrid is one of Brunswicks best polished hybrids. Very clean in the heads and very controllable at the end of the pattern. Left out of the box it will be a perfect option when the heads start to fry and you get some carry down when you move in. The hybrid coverstock will allow you to move in and still get the ball to read the midlane better than a shiny pearl. You can also take the shine off and it will be an excellent benchmark ball. Very versatile piece in the Track Line that will compliment the Track Strata Solid. Ball looks great sitting on the shelf as well. Awesome color combination. This ball will be great for your typical house or a great option on your tougher tournament conditions. It is everything you would expect out of a hybrid.

  8. Jim

    After the overall strength of the Strata, I was a little skeptical about the Strata Hybrid, but once I threw it that skepticism went right away. This ball is the perfect blend of midlane and backend. For me, the Strata hybrid with the factory finish is probably two balls down from the Strata but it still surprised me with how well it rolls. It reads the midlane better than a pearl would but also doesn’t over hook down lane. It going to be a great ball for me once I see transition but still need to control the pattern.

  9. TheHopeDiamond22

    A great ball down from the Strata solid. Anyone who threw the strata solid knew that it was a hooking machine. No difference here. Tested on Chromium. The Hybrid is Clean with a massive change of direction down lane. For a shiny hybrid this one digs quite a bit in the middle of the lane. Even with its big change of direction, it still retains energy and continuation going through pins.


    Pin Length: 2-3″

    Starting Top Weight: 2.7oz

    Ball Weight: 15.2oz


    Pin to PAP: 4″

    Drill Angle: 50

    VAL Angle: 70


    Rev Rate: 375-400

    Ball Speed: 17-18 off the hand

    PAP/Track: 4.25 Right and 0.25 Up


    Grit: OOB

    Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): Polished


    Length: 40ft

    Volume: 23.4mls

    Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): House Shot (Nothing is Typical Anymore)


    Length: 7 out of 10 (10 being the Longest)

    Back End: 7 out of 10 (10 being the Strongest)

    Overall Hook: 7 out of 10 (10 being HOOK-MONSTER)

    Response to Friction: 8 out of 10 (10 being Fastest)

    Breakpoint Shape: See Review


    In my opinion, the Strata Line of bowling balls are some of the hardest hitting bowling balls that have been designed by Track Bowling. The Hybrid cover on this ball matched with this layout (see pic attached) allows the ball to be less susceptible to oil out of the box. It is recommended that you knock the shine off the ball to start 1k or 2k abralon/saair and either re-polish or let the ball lane shine)

    The cover also allows for a little cleaner push through the front part of the lane than it’s counterpart the Strata Solid; allowing the ball to store more energy as it heads toward the friction zone. This is a good compliment when the Solid is encountering friction a little too early and you need a few extra feet of length to properly play a lane front to back.

    With this particular layout, I like using it on really cliffed or wet/dry patterns as it allows me to get in and create steep angles through the front part of the lane. The cover helps make it easier to do that versus a Solid which may respond too early or too quickly in the midlane.

    My Hybrid is part of a 3-ball bag that contains a Stellar and KnockOut with nearly identical layouts. The Strata Hybrid gives me that little extra pop off the friction when my Stellar is a little slower and my Knockout is a little early.

  11. Michael Romero

    The Track Strata Hybrid provides a smooth forward rolling bowling ball. I have found the most success with this ball during house shot tournaments and league play. I drilled mine 55 x 4.5 x 30 thinking the hybrid cover would give me a sharper backend motion and to my surprise it was very smooth and controlling. Although I expected something different, this hybrid ball gives me a different shape than all my other hybrids and allows me to play right or around the middle of the lane when the lanes transition.

  12. c.miller

    The Strata Hybrid was a ball I overlooked and should have drilled much sooner. What a mistake!

    This beautiful sapphire/black/smoke gem is super clean in the fronts with a aggressive motion down lane. But, the feature that stood out the most is where it exits the pin deck. I’ve split more 8/9s than any other ball. Definitely will pick up another for future use.

  13. Jesse Hawkins

    Wow!! This ball is special. For me, this ball is something I can see myself throw on some fresh patterns where most of the time asym shiny tends to work better for me during transition. Its def very responsive downlane but still reads the fronts great for me. Dont sleep on this one!

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