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Turbo Rev Bowling Finger Insert


Turbo Rev Bowling Finger Insert


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Turbo Rev Bowling Finger Insert Features:

Turbo “Rev” is a revolutionary new finger insert device designed to be worn on the index and/or pinkie finger. Turbo “Rev” will slightly alter ball reaction. When worn on the index finger, Turbo “Rev” will help create more axis rotation providing a stronger hooking reaction on the back end of the lane. When worn on the pinkie finger, Turbo “Rev” will help reduce axis rotation causing the ball to stand up giving you a more even and controlled ball reaction.

But most importantly, Turbo “Rev” is designed to protect your fingers from unsightly and painful calluses that may be created from excessive friction during release. Made from our softest blend of material, Turbo “Rev” is the ultimate in power, comfort and control. Available in four sizes: S, M, L, XL. Assorted colors.

Small (19/32-21/32)
Medium (11/16-23/32)
Large (3/4-13/16)
X-large (27/32)


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