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Turbo Wrist Restrictor


Turbo Wrist Restrictor

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Turbo Wrist Restrictor Features:

The Wrist Restrictor is an easy-to-use training aid that can be worn to restrict or enhance wrist rotation during the bowling release. Topping the ball, or over-rotating, at the point of release drastically affects the movement of the ball down lane. The Wrist Restrictor will help sync wrist and elbow through the release to correct over rotation. A backup ball release is a clockwise (RH) or counter clockwise (LH) rotation of the wrist which is opposite of a traditional hook. The Wrist Restrictor helps sync the movement of elbow and wrist limiting rotation and correcting back up ball release.  Product includes 3 pcs: Glove, Forearm Band and Strap.

Color:  Black

Sizes:  XS/S, M, L/XL (sizes are universal for Left- and Right-hand)

2 reviews for Turbo Wrist Restrictor

  1. Christine Srock (verified owner)

    I ordered XSmall/small. I received small/medium. I guess this is the smallest that it comes. Anyway, it does not fit well. 1) the glove is too big for my small hand. 2) the piece that fits between the index and second finger is uncomfortable and pinches. 3) the leather strap that goes around your arm rubs on the skin after it is wrapped . SO, I wore my compression sleeve and that helped to prevent scratching. It took me several games to get the right feel/adjustment/wrap. The restrictor does work, and you can feel that you stay behind the ball better, no over turn of the hand, and a clean release. I like the more forward roll that I get, longer length down the lane, and it seems the ball retains a bit more energy. This product is a good help, and I will work with it. Not perfect, but a good start.

  2. Tony Clark (verified owner)

    I purchased this to help with the muscle memory. I had surgery on my thumb and have no feeling which is causing havoc on my release. I have serious wrist issues (need joint replacement) so I am forced to wear a wrist support (mongoose) which I can wear over the wrist restrictor glove. Which is a big plus for me. I’ve used this product for two games thus far and without a doubt it does what it claims to do. It does take some getting used to, my rev rate with it is lower but it got better the more I used the product. I have no doubt with more use the rev rate will be back to where it was before. I would recommend this product.

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