3G Tour Ultra White/Black Men's Bowling Shoes

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3G Tour Ultra White/Black Men's Bowling Shoes Features:

The Tour Ultra series of shoes are made of kangaroo leather. This leather has proven to be stronger, yet more flexible than other leathers. It is lightweight, thus you may feel like you are bowling in your house slippers! Durable Kangaroo Leather Build Interchangeable Sole and Heel Kevlar Rubber Traction Sole Replaceable Dupont Kevlar Toe Cap Vented Inner Soles Includes 4 Soles (Deer Skin, Back Skin, Chrome Leather and Cleated) Includes 3 Cleat Sets (Teflon, Felt and Back Skin) Includes 3 Heels (Flat Normal, Rippled and Back Skin) Also Includes Shoe Trees, Slide-Sole Cover, Shoe Horn and Carry-All Bag

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