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900 Global Volatility Torque


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Good Length with Strong Backend Motion


2.49 (15lb)

.050 (15lb)

.014 (15lb)

5-6” High


S84 Response Pearl

2000 Grit Abralon



High Performance

900 Global Volatility Torque

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900 Global Volatility Torque Bowling Ball Features:

The Volatility Torque is the first ball in 900 Global’s revamped Tour Engineered 900 series. It shares the Volatility Asymmetric core design with its predecessor, the original Volatility, along with the new S84 Response Pearl cover that comes out of the box at a 1500 grit polished finish. The low RG core design revs up quickly, while the polished box finish provides length. The Volatility Torque stores plenty of energy for the breakpoint, but it still digs its teeth in through the oil, which gives it a unique reaction.

The first balls from 900 Global since the move from San Antonio to Utah. With the updated technology and more modern processes in use at the new plant, the anticipation of these balls is very high.

The Volatility Torque features a brand new coverstock formulation paired with a proven weightblock.  An emphasis on entry angle for heavier volumes was put on this release.

The S84 Response Pearl Coverstock represents roughly 2 years of R&D.  This cutting edge material increases the microscopic pores of the surface by over 20%.  This offers never before seen oil absorption.  By offering the ball in a polished pearl finish, we ensure you will see max backend on heavier volumes.

At the heart of things is the proven Volatility Core.  With it’s low rg and high diff, it will provide a wide footprint on the lane.  The moderate intermediate diff ensures that the core will save as much energy as possible for the backend.

1 review for 900 Global Volatility Torque

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    I drilled this ball 65×4.5×45 for a 39’ sport pattern. I left the polish on for a few games, it was strong midline and gave me miss right on the backend. After changing the surface to 2000 this ball is super strong! I was able to open the lane up and wow! It’s amazing! I highly recommend trying this ball!

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