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Axis Trainer


Axis Trainer


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The Axis Trainer:

  • Great for all levels of bowlers learning to control their release
  • Practice zero axis
  • Learn to add and remove axis from your release
  • Learn to increase and reduce speed from your release
  • Work on proper hand position

More about the Axis Trainer:

Made of a soft silicone rubber, this block is held in the hand with the finger holes positioned farthest from the wrist. As you flip this block, you will immediately begin to feel the muscles you use when coming out of your ball. Repetitions using varied hand positioning, but always seeking a fluid spiral, help to perfect axis variations and skills.

Colors and Custom Colors:

The colors shown in the pictures are just a sample of the colors available. When you order, we will send you whatever colors we currently have made.  If you are interested in ordering this product in custom colors, you can call us with your order at 844-269-5379.  We charge an additional $5 per item for custom color requests.


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