Dexter The 9 HT Black/Purple Limited Edition Bowling Shoes

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Dexter The 9 HT Black/Purple Limited Edition Bowling Shoes Features:


T H E 9 HT incorporates the revolutionary technology of the original T H E 9 – plus a new stitchless, breathable mesh upper with TPU accents and a leather toe - plus a sleek, exoskeleton heel-stabilizing feature. 

  • Toehold Hyperflex Engineering: A breakthrough design featuring the most advanced technology available for bowlers today. 
  • Dexter’s state-of-the-art T H E 9 footwear is equipped with a revolutionary new Toehold system that is designed to resist abrasion and can be replaced when needed, extending the life of the shoe.
  • Innovative Hyperflex channels at two stress points on the foot provide the bowler with added flexibility and comfort and help resist sole cracking. 
  • T H E 9’s patented symmetrical design allows the soles to be interchangeable so that the traction and slide sole can go on either foot without trimming. 
  • The versatile universal heel system works with every replacement heel in the entire Dexter collection
    • Toehold - Hyperflex - Engineering
    • Total Interchangeable Sole & Heel Construction
    • Right or Left Convertible
    • TPU & Breathable Mesh Upper
    • Strobal Construction for increased flexibility
    • Molded Midsole with Classic Raised Shank and Heel
    • Molded external heel stabilizer
    • On Shoe (removable) THS7 Slide Pad, H5 ST, THT2 Traction Pad, H2 UB
    • 2 Shoe Protectors Included

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