Genesis K-Motion Tape Uncut Roll - Black

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Genesis K-Motion Tape Uncut Roll - Black Features:

K-Motion un-cut rolls give you a full 16.4 feet of our advanced, easy to cut, copper infused material to handle whatever your taping needs may be. On a roll, it's perfect for people who frequently use smaller pieces of tape as well as for those who require taping techniques where longer lengths are needed, such as the torso, legs or when treating sciatica.

Benefits of Use:

  • Cut to the size you need
  • Less waste when smaller pieces are needed
  • Use for techniques where long lengths are required
  • More versatility for custom cuts, such as edema
  • Compact storage makes it convenient
  • PBA Registered Product

Pro Tip: To prevent fraying during use, always round the corners when cutting. Using a quality pair of scissors is recommended.

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