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BowlerX and Customers Raise $6000 for the Epilepsy Foundation of America

All VIP balls have been picked up by UPS and are on their way.
What an undertaking this was… I thought maybe we would pre-sell 50-60 of these awesome packages and be able to send EJ and Natalie around $750-$850 for the Epilepsy Foundation donation but we severely underestimated.
Only 2 days into the pre-sale we knew we needed to prepare to sell more than expected. In that first week I frantically reached out to every US distributor we deal with from coast to coast trying to obtain as many of these balls as we possibly could. Because this was a limited release ball (only 3500 produced with 1000 of those shipping overseas) each distributor was limited as to how many they could receive from Motiv. First and foremost, their priority was to protect the local shops who purchase from them and count on them to have these items available which is 100% the right thing to do. After the dust settled we were able to round up 354 VIP balls total. By Oct. 8th, 6 days before the release date, we had sold every one of them.
I want to thank the following people/organizations:
MOTIV Bowling and every distributor who allowed us to purchase these highly sought after and limited supply balls. You all know who you are. We appreciate you and what you do for us day after day. Thank you!
My good friend Kyle Metz who owns and operates Dynamite Custom Shirt Printing. Kyle was in the same boat as us on this. When 50 to 60 6-color screen printed shirts became 375 shirts Kyle stepped up and made sure we had them in our hands when we needed them. On top of that, they look soooooo good ?
My wife, Krista, who hand folded every shirt which wreaked havoc on her shoulders and neck. When she was done with that, she was putting together each individual package, making sure the specs, weight and shirt sizes were matched up for every order so that I could package them up.
To my UPS driver Carlos… sorry bud ?
I hope we can still be friends and I promise I will have a nice present for you this Christmas!
To our marketing team Mike, Kim, JR, Carlos and Ryan. You guys knocked this out of the park with great graphics and promotion. Hands down best in the biz. Thank you again.
Last but not least, Natalie and EJ Tackett. EJ hand signed 353 of his player cards (every one he could find) for this package. He also took the time to talk in an interview about the VIP ball creation and why the Epilepsy Foundation means so much to him and his family. Natalie hand wrote thank you notes for every package…. yup, 354 hand written notes (and they’re not all the same either). I know very well how much this new ball means to them and how proud they are of it. What they have done with this opportunity is truly heartwarming.
To everyone who purchased one of the MOTIV Bowling EJ VIP balls from BowlerX, THANK YOU!
Because of you, we are writing a check to EJ and Natalie Tackett for $6000, which they will be donating along with all other money raised from this effort to theĀ  Epilepsy Foundation of America

Whether or not you bowl your best match with this ball (and we all hope you do) is really irrelevant. The fact that you helped two wonderful people in their efforts to help others is what you should all be proud of. Truly a labor of love.