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Bowling: Energy In Motion by Josh Blanchard


Bowling: Energy In Motion by Josh Blanchard


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Bowling: Energy In Motion by Josh Blanchard Book Features:

This book is on bowling psychology and was written by PBA Champion, Josh Blanchard, and well known Sports Psychologist, Dr. Debbie Crews. Together they released the book to help bowlers overcome hurdles mentally they have reached while bowling. The book touches on 13 topics that span from basic mental practice schedules and routines all the way to new ways to train your thought process while competing. The books is half written text and half real life stories and fill out portions. The fill out portion makes the book uniquely your personal bowling diary. You write down good mental thoughts that you should practice and allows you to look back on when you are struggling mentally. It doesn’t take an actual bowling lane in your living room to practice mentally.

Bowling Psychologist, Dr. Dean Hinitz, writes:

Josh Blanchard and Dr. Crews Ketterling have created something truly rare in the field of applied sports psychology. They have integrated brain science research, and cutting-edge sport and exercise technology. And they have sprinkled in real world examples that are part of the path for anyone who is on a champion’s journey. Perhaps best of all, Blanchard and Crews Ketterling have created a primer that will give anyone who is serious about their bowling practical tools for significantly upping their game. This is a fresh look at how we can get better at bowling, as well as most any other activity we want to improve!


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