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Brunswick Uppercut Bowling Ball



Pearl Reactive


Mid Performance

Medium to Heavy Oil

Black/Gold Sparkle


Savvy Hook 3.0 Pearl Reactive

.050 (15lb)

500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound

2.487 (15lb)

Some Midlane with Strong Backend Motion



Brunswick Uppercut Bowling Ball

(4 customer reviews)


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Brunswick Uppercut Bowling Ball Features:

The Uppercut builds on the successful Melee Jab in Brunswick’s High Performance line. It features the symmetrical Melee core design and the new Savvy Hook 3.0 pearlized coverstock. Finished with 500/1000 SiaAir and Crown Factory Compound, this ball proves to be quite versatile.

They hit you with a Jab, now comes the Uppercut. Brunswick wrapped their new Savvy Hook 3.0 around the Melee Core with DynamiCore to create more mid lane than the Jab with the same strong backend motion.
• The Uppercut pays tribute to the popular Melee Jab and Melee Jab SE balls by using the same core and base cover.
• Savvy Hook 3.0 is an updated version of the Melee Jab cover and features a textured pearl which adds a little more traction for more overall mid-lane and continuation.
• The textured pearl in the Uppercut is a gold sparkle that really makes this ball stand out.
• The Uppercut is finished with 500, 1000 and Crown Factory Compound for easy length and great backend.
• Compared to the Melee Jab SE, bowlers will be able to get further left with the Uppercut and see more overall motion starting in the mid-lane and through the back of the lane.

4 reviews for Brunswick Uppercut Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Moran

    Using the popular jab core and updated savvy hook 3.0 textured pearl cover the Uppercut allows me to get further left then the Jab SE and see more overall motion starting in the midlane and all the way through the pins. This ball is sure to be a knockout 🥊

  2. Ian Lang

    For anyone that loved the Melee Jab, you’re going to love the Uppercut just as much. For me the Uppercut is 3-4 boards stronger overall than the Jab and about 2 feet earlier in the midlane.  You can use these two balls as a nice 1-2 combo with the Uppercut on the fresh and finishing with the Jab when you need a little more length and backend

  3. Jay Langler

    If you are looking for replacement or something a pinch stronger than you Melee Jab…Well here you go! this ball is super smooth and super strong! Clears the fronts and reads the mid lane that is strong down lane and with Dynamicore strong hitting the pins the Uppercut is the ball! I can get left and let it swing with Savvy Hook Cover stock allows the strength to get the ball back to the pocket. This ball is a slightly rounder shape for me than my Jab but its is a beast of a ball. Plus I love the color.

  4. Troy

    I was a very big fan of the original Melee Jab and I’m just as impressed with the Uppercut. The Uppercut has the popular Jab core and the updated savvy hook 3.0 textured pearl cover stock. The layout I used was 75 x 4 x 30. For me, this layout is about 3 to 4 boards stronger overall than the original Jab and it’s about 2 feet earlier in the midlane. It also allows me to play a little more left where, on my current house shot, all the oil is. It gets through the fronts really clean and covers more boards but still has the energy to get through the pins and carry the ten pin. This ball will be good for all style of bowlers and is best suited for low to medium oil patterns and your typical house shot.

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