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Brunswick Zenith Hybrid Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil



2.485 (15lb)

.052 (15lb)

.019 (15lb)



A. X. H. (Activator Xtreme Hook)

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

Brunswick Zenith Hybrid Bowling Ball

(12 customer reviews)


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Brunswick Zenith Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:

Zenith Pearl caught the attention of bowlers because it reacted hard off the spot and was versatile. The Zenith Solid was just a hook monster. So logically, Brunswick brought the two reactions together to give you the Zenith Hybrid. The Zenith Hybrid will not be your strongest oil ball or skid flip reaction but will fit right in the sweet spot.

12 reviews for Brunswick Zenith Hybrid Bowling Ball

  1. Tom Marlow

    Zenith hybrid is one that will be in my bag for a long time.
    I drilled one 45x4x35

    It was smooth though the front of the lane with a nice strong motion on the back and it go’s though the pins sending them flying.

    I drilled the other one 65x4x30.

    This one was almost to strong off the spot.
    Again gets though the fronts great with that really strong snap motion on the back.

    Overall I was very impressed with the hybrid. It fits perfectly between the solid and the Pearl.

  2. Gary Gardner Jr

    For me, this ball has a really smooth motion down lane.
    I drilled mine at 55 x 4.5 x 35, and this is a really smooth controllable ball.
    Gets through the fronts nice and clean, reads the mid well, and not too jumpy off of the pattern.
    Out of the box was a little too smooth for my taste, hit it with 1000 and the overall motion was great.

  3. Sal B

    A definite must have. It has a 90 hook rate out of 100. With the A. X. H. Hybrid (Activator Xtreme Hook) coverstock and Dynamicore. This ball will not disappoint. Gets down lane clean and has great back end reaction with explosive pin reaction. Very controllable for such a strong ball.

  4. O D

    The Zenith Hybrid with its dull surface is a hybrid hook monster. I’ve used the Zenith Pearl and it is one of my favorite balls and this is a good compliment to it. It is a fair bit earlier than the Pearl and probably 5 boards more hook. I let the surface lane shine a bit and I feel like that was the best thing for the reaction because right out of the box the surface just seemed to be a little too much for what I had been bowling on in the summer. Overall I’m a big fan of the ball as a benchmark since its stronger and smooth and once you let the Zenith Hybrid lose a little surface, you’ll see a ball that isn’t too responsive in the mid-lane and saves itself for a more angular reaction off the backend

  5. TheHopeDiamond22

    Perfect ball down from the solid. Even know the hybrid has tons of teeth it’s actually easy through the heads. For as much surface that the hybrid comes with it can be pretty flippy. As you move in the Zenith Hybrid still has a very strong read in the middle of the lane with great continuation. Very versatile ball to have in the bag. Play them outside and straight or loop the whole lane. It doesn’t seem to quit when it stands up. This is your go to ball. Color mix looks great on a wall and even better rolling down lane.

  6. Mathew Jones

    Zenith hybrid is the piece that fits exactly in between the zenith solid and pearl. Doesn’t go as long as the pearl but doesn’t pick up as quick as the solid but the overall motion is what you expect from the zenith line. This is one of the first balls out of my bag on majority house shots and medium/longer sport patterns. If you like the zenith line this is a must have.

  7. Michael Romero

    The Brunswick Zenith Hybrid is definitely on the strong end of hybrids. In how I see this ball, it definitely needs oil to get thru its read. I have used this ball more in tournaments where there is higher volume and has done very well. It has a controlled backend motion but very strong thru the pins. 

  8. cng260


    Ball Weight: 15 lbs


    Ball: 65 x 4 x 30

    X Hole (if there is one): none


    Rev Rate: 375 rpms

    Ball Speed:17.5 mph off hand

    PAP/Track: 4 5/8 over 3/4 up


    Grit: 500 Siaair with Compound



    Back End: Angular


    The Zenith Hybrid fits perfectly between the Zenith Pearl and Solid. This one is right at home on some of the fresher medium to heavy conditions where the Zenith Pearl is a bit too long. The Zenith Hybrid is a little longer than the solid but seems to cover almost as many boards. I tested this one on the Scorpion Pattern and on our house shot. It absolutely crushed the Scorpion. It recovered nicely when I missed right of target. If your looking for an angular ball that handles some oil the Zenith Hybrid is your ball.

  9. Ray

    I needed something different so I went with a short pin layout on the Zentih Hybrid. It gave me great length and a smooth backend reaction. It’s perfect for keeping your target in front of you and if there’s some friction I could swing it a little.

  10. Petro

    The Zenith Hybrid features Brunswick’s innovative outer core technology called DynamiCore. It is an easy reading ball. I have used it many times in tournaments to bring out the best in my bowling. It has heavy backend reaction when I needed it.

  11. Robert (Bob) Newman

    For me the Zenith Hybrid reads the mid lane pretty well and has a smooth rounded arc. It does not flip for me, so the chances of leaving big ugly splits goes down quite a bit. It has a Urethane kinda shape to it, only bigger. People drill balls with a short pin to get this shape. On the right condition it will be very handy.

  12. Jason Taylor

    Have I mentioned that I love Hybrids?  The Zenith Hybrid is an early rolling control ball for me. If I need to keep the reaction in front of me, and I have some oil up front, this is my go to ball. I seem to get into trouble if I try to send a ball right in heavy oil, so I try to use equipment that is rolly and stay behind the ball more. Unfortunately, my tendency is to twirl a ball when I play straighter. The Zenith Hybrid turns my twirl into roll, and saves the pocket for me. That heavy roll makes my look better and helps me maintain control of the pocket.

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