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Columbia 300 Command Solid Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane and Backend Continuation


2.513 (15lb.)

.053 (15lbs.)

.021 (15lbs.)



A. R. S. (Angular Reactive System)

500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

Columbia 300 Command Solid Bowling Ball

(6 customer reviews)


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Columbia 300 Command Bowling Ball Features:

Anyone who threw a Command this last year has been commanding a solid version from Columbia 300, and we are happy to oblige. The Command Solid takes hook and continuation in the Columbia 300 line to the next level. This one is exciting to throw when you need to attack the puddle with confidence.

6 reviews for Columbia 300 Command Solid Bowling Ball

  1. mario ortez

    smooth ball rolls great through the pins. I drilled mine pin down and it get through the heads great..A must have in your bag. Pre order yours now…

  2. Briana Evans

    The Command Solid is a great addition to the Columbia line. This is the strongest ball in my bag right now and allows me to play all angles of the lane without a wonder of getting all 10 pins. The ball hits like a truck and has awarded me some good hits. Doesn’t respond as quick as you think to friction for a big ball. You’ll be surprised at how often you’ll be able to get this ball on the lanes, even when the lanes aren’t super oily.

  3. Matthew Diamond

    The Command Solid instantly grabs your attention not only with its great color combination, but its overall motion on the lanes. It’s not very often you find a ball that digs in the oil and still retains energy down lane but the Command Solid does just that! Take command of the lanes and get peoples attention with this great piece by Columbia300.

  4. Dan Schriner

    If your looking for hook and continuation then the Command solid is the ball for you. The solid hooks 4-5 boards more then the Command pearl on fresh house shot. After 1 game I had to move inside and like some balls they don’t make the turn the Command solid had no problem and the strikes did not stop. Take command of your game and get the Command Solid!!

  5. TheHopeDiamond22

    This one will destroy the puddle with the teeth it has. Hooks on ice. Customers request for a solid command has been answered perfectly. Tested on the 2019 D and S championship pattern. Command solid is a beast in oil. Out of box finish. Was able to open and stay with it during transition. Has a very strong overall motion. Digs very hard in the middle of the lane. Missed shots out have great recovery, will still have energy to go through the pins, and carry. This ball keeps you in command on the higher volumes without a doubt.

  6. Sal B

    looking for a ball that hooks and has strong continuation on the back? Then get the Command solid. The solid hooks 4-5 boards more then the Command pearl. Great for med to heavy oil patterns. This ball looks to be very forgiving and hit hard. Def a must have in your bag.

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