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Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Stong Midlane and Backend Motion


2.482 (15lb.)

.047 (15lbs.)

.012 (15lbs.)


Modified Swing Full

ERT Hybrid

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Bowling Ball

(7 customer reviews)


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Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Bowling Ball Features:

The Dynamic Swing is a hybrid-covered asymmetrical release from Columbia 300. Its ERT Hybrid cover is the same as what was used on the Baller, although this version is from a different manufacturing facility. This coverstock comes out of the box at a rough 500/2000 SiaAir finish, which helps the Dynamic Swing create plenty of midlane traction. The core design is modeled off the Pure Swing release from 2010 but with a lower RG and differential, and it now also features both the DynamiCore and DOT technologies. Comparing this release to older balls under the “Swing” nameplate, the Dynamic Swing’s motion is more reminiscent of the Momentum Swing than the Pure Swing or Full Swing releases.

It has been a priority of Columbia 300 to evaluate the cores, covers, and names from the past to make sure they give the Columbia 300 fans what they want. Columbia is excited to introduce the Dynamic Swing, featuring a modified Full Swing core. They have combined this popular core with ERT Hybrid, and left it dull to handle any medium to heavy oil condition.  The Dynamic Swing’s medium asym numbers and hybrid cover complements the Authority Solid and original Authority perfectly.  Medium hook, overall hook between both authorities.  Sharper breakpoint than Authority Pearl but sanded finish helps it handle more oil.

7 reviews for Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Bowling Ball

  1. Zack Stone

    The Dynamic Swing, this ball fits right between the Authority Pearl and Authority Solid. Much more angler than the Authority Pearl but smoother than the Authority Solid. Drilled the Dynamic Swing pin down and the pin is below my ring finger which makes the ball sharp off the spot but with the smooth ball reaction and very predictable ball reaction. You don’t want to miss out on this gem at all!!

  2. Timothy Tripp

    An asymmetrical hybrid that hooks but doesn’t over hook. Ideal for medium to heavy oil and very versatile.

    I was able to create multiple shapes down lane with the Dynamic Swing without losing hitting power when going through the pins.

    If you are a straighter player in need of controllable change of direction down lane this is the ball to have.


    I am really blown away by the strength and ball motion this coverstock and core produces. It is very heavy rolling in the midlane, very strong, and has a clean hit when moving through the pocket. A heavy hitter that most did not know what to expect, but now are in awe of the performance. A ball that cannot be underestimated, and the performance that cannot be ignored!

  4. Christopher Doerr

    This ball is absolutely incredible and would suggest it for any style of play. This ball has great lane appeal and the reaction of this ball is even better. This ball has such a controlled ball motion and instantly became a favorite in my bag after a few throws. I can see myself having more than one with a different layout. It will be hard to lay this one out different because of the reaction I am seeing on the lanes. I was unable to throw the original ‘Swing’ line so I cannot compare it to those balls but if it is anything like this one you will want it in your bag too.

  5. Kevin Nagasawa

    Columbia 300 Has Come Through With Another Favorite That Will Be In My Tournament Bag.. This Ball Is Very Versatile And Can Play Multiple Angles Toward The Pocket.. The Combination Of The Hybrid Reactive Cover Stock And Modified Full Swing Core Makes This Ball An Absolute Must Need Bowling Ball TO Have In Your Bowling Arsenal.. I Have Played Multiple Arrows And Angles And This Ball Still Finishes Strong Through The Pins! A Good Medium To Heavy Oil Volume Patterns Strong Mid Line And Strong Backend! Even Through Transition I Stick With The Same Ball And Keep Migrating Left And Bringing My Target Inside And Keeping A Tight Line To The Pocket! I Definitely Recommend This Ball To Any Of You Columbia 300 Fans Out There…Visit A Local Pro Shop Today And Help Support Them By Ordering One Today!

  6. Dan Schriner

    Clean and controllable in the mid lane, drives through the pins like nothing I’ve seen in a while. Dynamic Swing is very versatile and good for different styles. It’s a great addition to your league or tournament arsenal!!

  7. David Meyer

    No surprise here!!!!. The Swing Line has been and continues to be a proven and reliable product for C300. All the Swing’s by C300 have been nothing short of outstanding and the Dynamic Swing will not disappoint. The Dynamic Swing is strong, predicable and continuous. This one really goes through the pins like no other. Visit your local Pro Shop and get yours!!!!!

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